Zero V P N

ok dang back again still using i e 7.0 and just added fire fox to see what the big deal is and i dont see what it is; why some seem to think fox it the best it beats !

I see nothing that says comodo vpn is working so what do i do now and what am i looking for to tell me it works and how do i confirm others are seeing a fake ip addy and lastly what happens when others figure out i have a fake addy wouldn t they just come back to you asking for my real addy and of course thats the last thing i want anyone to have screech ! ?

I guess maybe what one needs is a vpn service that doesn t log my real addy then that way i get busted when vpn sites rat me out correct ?

Still here awaiting a fix - ho hum . . and oh oh whats with using a proxy with a vpn and why and how !

I don’t think this is active anymore … We should probably find another software

It is active… and in Development.;msg507444#msg507444