zero day protection

Ok im running Avira 10 free so am i good on zero day protection or since Avira free lacks features that the paid version has (web guard) do i need something else?

Avira free has decreased its protection compared with Avira Pro.
Not only WebGuard but also proactive detection.
I really need to dig into my posts to find this test results.
Anyway, seems that people see what Avira Pro promises and try to get it with the free version… (which is not possible).

Only a program that by default blocks all unknown programs can be deemed to have full zero-day protection. Correct me if I’m wrong, but Avira Pro lacks this, doesn’t it?

On the other hand it does have very good detection capabilities (signatures, heuristics, etc…),but it can’t protect you from all malware.

Does the Comodo firewall (V5) cover this?


In fact you can install CIS and disable, or not install, the antivirus portion. You can then run Avira Free alongside it and have the best of both worlds.

You’re right, Avira does not offer this protection.
The “problem” is that the “block all” policy needs proper configuration of Defense+.
The “default” with automatic sandboxing is “allowing” something. The user must not get “tired” also.

If you use CIS, you don’t need Avira anymore.

Ha ha it just sandboxed my webcam lmao…

Its ok if your webcam is working normal even if it was autosandboxed.


It works ok so far …

may I ask, if the webcam is sandboxed, will it still be able to take pictures of you even under lowered rights? I mean to say, there are variants of spyware that takes your picture and sends them to a server without your permission, right? so will it be able to stop this?

You’d still get a firewall alert.