Zero-Day IE Attacks Spotted in Wild (Official patch released 9/26/06),1895,2017415,00.asp

Be careful out there everyone. ( And stay away from the porn sites!!) (:TNG)

This is why I never like Javascript.
Even windows update get’s by-passed because of it.

And this is why I like CPF, because it would pick up the outbound request and also the attempted inbound installs.

(V) (R)

I was wondering if CPF would pick it up, Thanks panic.

Here’s an emergency work-around to disable VML rendering in Internet Explorer. This can be used until MS gets around to giving us a patch.

IE7 isnt effected by this.

There is now an official patch through windows update.

Here’s one for you marc, and no, you don’t have to use it.

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Thanks a million Paul, I love it!!!

No problem. If you get an idea, let me know, i’ll make another.