Zero Blocked Intrusions and Zero Pending Files [RESOLVED]

Have had Comodo installed for several months.
System Status is reported as Active and Running.
The Network Defense always reports 0 blocked intrusions while set to Safe Mode.
The Proactive Defense always reports 0 files awaiting your review (pending files) while set to Safe Mode.

Is this normal? Why no blocked intrusions, do I have some setting incorrect?

The firewall I used previously, ZoneAlarm, was constantly reporting blocked intrusions so I am beginning to wonder about Comodo doing its job.

Hello, are you behind a router\hardware firewall?

OK, where is the ‘hitting yourself in the forehead’ message Icon?

I switched to WiFi a few months ago, I am now behind their router, so thats that.
Sorry, forgive a 70 year old man, will ya! I have only been fooling with PCs for 25 years, still learning.

Now, what accounts for the zero pending files? I do install and delete software on occasion.

That’s ok CU :slight_smile: I’m actually 17 (:LGH)
Well there is an argument whether or not you need a software firewall VS a hardware firewall. The main pluses is that a hardware doesn’t use any system resourses, The minus is that it does not provide outbound protection and software firewalls can provide that aswelll as an easy configuration. I personally am behind a hardware and software firewall, Mainly because comodo is easy to use and I like it’s features.

Ok, Pending files - Is releated to Defense+
How you get them is by running your system in “Clean Pc” mode and Comodo will automaticly create a list of those files that it does not reconise, Though most people use and reccomend Safe Mode for better security.

  • You can still submit files while in other modes;

Comodo → Defense+ → Common Tasks → -> pending files ->Add.

I hope that this answers your questions… And if you have any other feel free to ask :slight_smile:

Don’t worry, I won’t hold your youth against you.

Thank you for your response. I will of course keep Comodo.

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