Zen-Ok Free Antivirus

I was in the Wilder’s forum and came across a free antivirus called Zen-Ok Free Antivirus. Anyone ever heard of it? I sounds like it might be good. I found one good YouTube video for it. What does everyone think of it.

I believe it uses Bitdefender’s signatures, but I could be wrong.

It might be worth trying. Maybe it would work well with Comodo Firewall. I will probably try it out soon. Thanks for the reply Chiron.

Well Languy99 done a test for it. But I won’t trust it to protect my PC.

Languy99 testing ZenOk Antivirus: ZenOk Antivirus - YouTube

It is simply worthless.

Thanks for the link :-TU
Where is Languy these days, hope he is keepin’ well :slight_smile:

Thanks for the review link Seany007. I guess ZenOk Free Antivirus isn’t that good. Probably won’t try it.

It’s your call really. I mean this AV falls into the same place as Rising AV and Nano AV. Basically unreliable security products. I would not recommend them.

Comodo AV is pretty good. It is just fun trying other things. Every time I try any security product besides Comodo, I always seem to come back to Comodo. I guess it’s hard to beat Comodo.

Comodo AV is amazing esp since it’s a single Comodo own based engine. I agree with you but I never consider such AV’s like Zen-OK they are miles behind top AV’s. I always stay with my top 3: Such as Comodo AV, ESET AV and Avast AV.