Zemana Screenlogger

As mentioned it seems that I’m not the only one with this issue, and I’m also able to reproduce the issue on completely different hardware at a different physical location. So it’s a shame if no one seems to have a solution for this.

I believe CIS, or more precisely Defence+, to currently give you just about the highest level of security you can get for your PC (well, when it’s working correctly…), and it’s even completely free. Amazing! So it’s sad to admit that this shakes my confidence in CIS a bit.

I just changed to Paranoid mode for Defence+ again, rebooted, and again I don’t any pop-up or sandbox kicking in when running Zemana Screenlogger. It just runs, just like it does on some of the other PC’s where I’ve been testing it. I wonder if I will actually get more security with a lower setting.

Chiron wrote that “I assume that the problem for you is leftover rules in your Computer Security Policy.” Could it be a matter of me having allowed a general Windows component to run which then also gives permission to Zemana Screenlogger? Is that possible? Because my Computer Security Policy does not say anything about Zemana Screenlogger itself, but could it somehow be using the permissions granted to Windows Explorer or something similar?