Zemana AntiLogger - 12 months license

Only 2 hours and 7 minutes left form the time of this post. I already had it from the same giveaway in February. Just used this to update my license and it gave me 400 more days.

Thank you. =)

Edit: It’s funny, or perhaps less funny, that AntiLogger Free protects Comodo Dragon for me but the full AntiLogger doesn’t… I tried with several keylogg testers and they could all catch things I type in Comodo Dragon (when allowed by CIS of course, I just want the keyboard encryption to work with Comodo Dragon)
If only it allowed to have both installed at the same time. <_<

SanyaIV your absolutely correct. It boggles the mind than the free version encrypts my key stokes with two different loggers I tested and the paid version does not. The paid version says it has System-Wide Keylogger Protection ? Both versions have Zemana KeyCrypt SDK so it’s a mystery why the paid version does not pass the same tests. I uninstalled the Paid version and will use the free since key encryption was what was most important in my opinion.

When I first installed the paid version it was tested with spyshelter security test tool and it past. After that I didn’t give it much thought. Don’t know what happened. Anyway thanks for pointing this out. :-TU

I made a bug report and also sent the question to the HelpDesk, hope some light will be shed on this since I at the moment can’t get my head around why the paid version would perform worse at a specific task than the free version would.

When you have the Free Version installed and try to install the full version, even if it’s a trial, it will ask you to uninstall the Free version first and claims that the full version has the same capabilities as the free version… As proven that is not correct and I would actually like to be able to install them both. =S

Let’s hope that they will fix this bug in the paid version.

I figure I might update with their responses, not the full response but the parts that matter.

We have forwarded this issue to our developers for their review. As soon as we have received their response, we will contact you to pass on the relevant information.

Continued radio silence and since I am currently transferring my domain between registrars I am no longer receiving any e-mails and hence if they respond during this time the response will be lost… Made a second support thingy with my gmail account for redundancy 88)

Got a new e-mail from Zemana.

This is a known issue and it will have been fixed in the next release of AntiLogger.

Better late than never 88)

Thanks for the update :slight_smile:

They told me the same thing in July of 2012, around the time they claimed full 64 bit support. The sh*t is slightly confusing.

I did contact them a month or so ago (perhaps longer, time awareness isn’t my thing) about the same issue and then I got the answer that AntiLogger Free uses a different technique or something like that, but when I installed AntiLogger (paid) now, it told me to uninstall AntiLogger Free because the paid now has the same capabilities. So I’m not sure what is the situation now but the paid obviously performs worse than the free version regarding encryption… why not just incorporate the same system used in the free version in the paid version? I wonder if it’s really that hard to do?

I found a work-around!

So, as I said when trying to install the paid version while already having the free version installed it will give an error and tell you to uninstall the free version first… but it doesn’t happen the other way around, so you can install the paid version and then install the free version! (I disabled the encryption in the paid version just to be on the safe side so that they don’t collide)

10-4 SanyaIV :wink:

I don’t get it. ???

just means i agree . . .

Alright. :smiley:

Edit: I do have an issue with the protection of AntiLogger Free being disabled on restart, probably a conflict when having both installed, just a matter of enabling it again.

Okay so now I am even more confused… AntiLogger Free can encrypt keys sent to Comodo Dragon but not Skype for some reason and AntiLogger (paid) can encrypt keys sent to Skype but not Comodo Dragon… With that said I have now enabled the keyboard in both applications and so far I see no conflicts but both Comodo Dragon and Skype works now and I am not able to log keys.

So basically two products from Zemana is supposed to do the same thing but they both have their sets of applications they work with (either intentional or not) and enabling both applications will give a better overall protection. At least I have yet to see any conflicts…

LOL! One thing for sure… Something is not right… 88)

If you have the possibility, could you test and see if you get the same results? In fact that goes for anyone with the possibility! I want to know if it’s a local issue on my computer or if it affects everyone. Thanks <3

I got the same result… Zemana need to seriously fix these strange bugs… You would expect to have a full protection in the paid version…

Okay so Zemana has now updated AntiLogger (paid) and it seems to work for Comodo Dragon now… however still doesn’t work for Thunderbird. And in order to install the update you must first uninstall the free version again and again the installer claims the paid version has the same functionality as the free version (complete and utter bulls*) So if you actually want “System wide” protection then first install AntiLogger paid and the AntiLogger Free.

Edit: Just sent them a support contact thingy giving them a piece of my mind, sure it became long and all but amsldkasnlka it makes me angry that the paid freaking version does not protect certain applications that the free version does, and then they lie about it in the setup for the paid version and force you to uninstall the free version which means you will be less protected!