Zbot malware not detected

File: Yu42R5sC.exe
CRC-32: 5b19c1cf
MD4: 352507a47f9beb1424880005ad368d19
MD5: e0fdfa0fcc3ce9fd148ab7ebe9f372f3
SHA-1: faf7314321c8e000695407d1461ca8a3ee1cc257

Zbot malware

Mod edit: Malicious attachment removed. Do not post files which may be malicious in the public areas of the forum.

Hello hicham0716,

Thank you for reporting this. We’ll check it.

Best regards,

Chiron bro if we don’t post malware in the forum
how we can add the submissions
i know about no one can see the file expet the uploader and The spectactor
at all good luck

please Tell me How i can submit in the right place

How to Report Malware to Comodo

There is also 4th method…through CIS.

yep Thanks :slight_smile:
so send the file through CIS after that send virus total scan link
with MD5
good luck

i waiting to see if the file malware or not :slight_smile:

The only problem with this method, and why I didn’t mention it, is that it takes a long time.

From what I’ve seen the best ways to submit malware are either through the web interface or in that forum topic.

Chiron Yep Good idea
but if the file large ? we can upload it to another host or something else?

Yes. In that case it’s best to upload it to a file sharing site, such as myUpload, and email the link to the virus lab. Alternately, you can just upload the file to CIMA and then paste a link to the results in the forum topic. Note that CIMA has no upload limit.

ok :slight_smile: thank you about everything
at all im searching this time how to know a file is a malware
i see the tech blue screen (machine language) that what kaspersky Using
but kaspersky Has a exploit vs SYN Flood That why i stop using their product
at all i never see like comodo firewell
it contain (defence wall) feauters and Great firewell
the problem only in selfdefence
i know someone who a programming a code with autoit and that killed CIS
but i know Version 6 may be batch the kernel or something else
good luck chiron good luck every one work in that perfect product

@ hicham0716 , please stop using bold. It makes your posts more difficult to read.

How to Tell if a File is Malicious

Hopefully V6 will fit your needs. By the way, if you have access to that program you can send me a link to it in a PM and I will make sure the newest version is tested against it.

Thank you.

Chiron Thank you bro for everything ok i will stop using bold :slight_smile: and i will try to edit my repleys
yes hopefully v6 will fit this exploit in comodo about if i have access to that program it’s Autoit programming tool but he create a code on it to get kill comodo proccess and he kill it so easy like what he said
i hav’nt that code but i see it in a forum called zyzoom.com (arabic forum) when i give comodo the picture and the exploit he tell me bad words and he tried to hack me but i only need to help more people to get more protect from comodo :slight_smile:
i will search the subject and i give it to you

Thank you.

look everything what i know is here
but the solution i think to block everything programed by Autoit (new language programming)
like Nod32 block them

The problem is that, as was noted in that topic, without the code itself we can’t test how it works. Thus it’s not even possible to know for sure if this is an actual bypass if run in a real world situation. More information is required to understand if this represents a valid threat.

i give you what i know bro
the code may be u can found it in autoit forums or something else
because the new hackers using this programing language to hack anti viruses and firewells

good luck