ZA + CFP 3.0

Hey i’ve got ZA and CPF installed and i have no problems what so ever all i did was stop the zaclient.exe from running on start up so it wont interfere with CPF but i wonder whats better ZA or CPF somebody do some testing including start up speed if possible this could give some good results and see what can Comodo do to make CPF better and to stop me from using ZA.

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First off - Only one firewall should be installed, Disabling is not enough, It conflicts.

There are many tests on the internet, Comodo always scores higher :stuck_out_tongue:

The best thing you can do if give them both a trial and see what you like best… How ever comodo provides better protection.

Hope this helps

Hi Dialga.

To compare ZA & CFP v3 is redundant. CFP 3 uses less resources, provides better leak protection, prevention-based antimalware protection (HIPS/Defense+), and is more configurable as well. CFP 3 now is the better Firewall, not ZA like 5 years ago. You can also turn Defense+ off by the way, and only have the Firewall.


well i couldn’t do the leak tests they crashed for some reason but i have tested the start up time for both and it looks like CFP is using less time to start up but it starts somewhat later than ZA could it be the interface that loading?
And the usage was almost half of ZA so that’s a clear winner to CFP but ever since i had upgraded to ZA 7.0 it was not letting me use IE to use the internet firefox worked though.
So i have uninstalled ZA and now using CFP now.

Btw i have heard that a major update for version 3 was coming soon will it be version 4?

3.5 I thin. CFP3 Loads up before windows starts. 2 procesors; Cfp.exe ← Gui Cmdagent.exe ← main process
In the next update CFP3 is even lighter, It’s something like 7mb now right? It will be 3mbish in the next update - that includes antivirus (optional)

3.5 is the next major update which integrates the Antivirus, along with MANY bug fixes from the latest version. and will replace v3.0x. Off course, You can install the Firewall only, or AV, or whatever you like! :slight_smile:

All services are loaded before start up, Just because you don’t see the little white shield there yet, don’t mean it’s protecting you (GUI and service are different things, cfp.exe=GUI & cmdagent.exe=heart of CFP 3) :wink: It’s all loaded before start up.


You do not use 2 firewall period. Just like you do not run 2 anti viruses.