YTD Downloader

I tried several time to download YTD video downloader.
I can’t install it because comodo always remove the downloaded setup.
How to overcome this issue?
Similar case with CCleaner.
Best Regards.

The YTD Downloader comes up as a ‘nasty’ and if you really want CCleaner, you can either ignore it or add Piriform to Trusted Vendors

I didn’t see any warning like this.
What should I do to get acces this option?

Firstly make sure that ‘Do not show antivirus alerts’ is NOT checked

Thanks a lot…

YTD Downloader is an interesting case for me. I decided to disassemble the software, strip most of the adware stuff out. Repackage it as a portable version like portableapps[.]]com style. I thought that it would get rid of all the AV’s flagging it. I was wrong. Next step was using “IDA Pro” and other tools. I modified the main .exe to finish the job. But now it gets flagged because the digital signature doesn’t match.

The moral of the story is you can’t always make adware infested software and make it clean and not get flagged. The files wont pass a checksum test. CATCH-22 You’ll have to add it to exclusion