Youtube's main page hangs for a bit

Whenever I go to Youtube, the guide on the left seems to extend all my playlists and subscriptions all the way. Then after 15 seconds or so, the load more buttons appear for both. But during those 15 seconds, the entire browser just hangs in this not responding state. I have tried disabling all my extensions and it still does this. I have tried other browsers and I can confirm that both firefox and chrome load the page up instantaneously and never hangs like that. Could it be something to do with Dragon being outdated for the new youtube main page? Let me know if I should provide screenshots.

See if cleaning cache and cookies and restarting Dragon makes a difference or not.

I gave it a try and it still hangs on me, so I tried Ice dragon, and while it stills hangs it’s about 5 seconds less. I forgot to mention that it only does this on every youtube page where the guide is open, so getting to a channel and going to their playlists becomes a quite annoying process.

Hi shdwdrgnix,
A bit of a long shot, but it might be worth trying with ‘Use Hardware Acceleration When Available’ disabled.

Found under system in the advanced settings of Dragon.
Found under general browsing in the advanced tab of IceDragons options.

Kind regards.

it still hangs for about the same time, but if I go anywhere that has the guide panel afterwards, it only hangs for about 3-4 seconds now. The main problem is that opening any channel or playlist in a new tab will cause the long hang that I get from the main page

Comodo Dragon has not been updated so any bug fixes are not in the current release. Chromium might be a good solution if you are worried about Chrome’s privacy problems. :slight_smile:

Would love to say thanks, whatever was done in this update, now Youtube works perfectly fine.

That is good to hear, thanks for posting back. :-TU