YouTube Video stuck at 360p

As in the title, some videos are simply stuck at 360p quality. There’s also the Automatic quality, but it doesn’t change a thing, it keeps at 360p all the time. Here’s an example of how it looks, and the link to the video shown on the screenshot: Need For Speed World - Koenigsegg Agera - YouTube

This problem occurs only on some videos, and when it does, it’s there permanently. Most videos work perfectly, but some are like this, don’t know why, but they are.

Hi Ryu Makkuro,

Apparently you use the HTML5-player (, not Flash Player.

The problem you encounter is that not all videos are available in VP9-format. The fallback format, VP8, is now limited to 360p.

Actually I do use Flash Player, as CD does not support H.264 in HTML5. Here’s a screenshot.

I really like the design of this browser and it’s performance, but this bug is very annoying as of late as it happens on more and more videos lately. And the newest ones as well. Best example, I uploaded a vid on YouTube, checked to see how it works, only 360p mode available… truly frustrating when you are a YouTuber.

There should be no such issue with Flash Player, as it always uses the same format (AVC) and all resolutions are available in that format.

If you right-click on a video, what does it say at the bottom of the list, About the HTML5 Player or About Flash Player [version]?

“About the HTML5 Player” for some unknown reason, when I have chosen the default one… :o

However when I log in through IceDragon it shows the “About Flash Player 11.9.900.170”. So it’s definitely something on the browser end, when Google knows I’m using that, and browser doesn’t.

Youtube sometimes rather stealthily enables HTML5 but doesn’t announce it on the HTML5 page, has happened with all Chromium browsers I’ve used either way, usually fixed by enabling and then disaling HTML5 again.

Here is what I found:
With HTML5-player not requested, Dragon 31 will still use HTML5 on YouTube. Opera 20 will use Flash Player. Chrome 34, with the integrated PepperFlash disabled, will use the installed NPAPI-Flash Player. I also found that embedded YouTube-videos on other sites are played using Flash Player in Dragon. For example, Flash Player is used for playing this embedded video Beauty and The Geek - Comodo Blogs but if I click to play it on YouTube, it will be played using HTML5 there.

It seems to me that the developers need to take a look at this, and perhaps collaborate with YouTube to find out what is causing this Flash-issue.

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In other words, for the time being I need to use IceDragon to view some vids in their respective quality. Oh well, good to know this is at least being looked at even in the slightest way.

Well, you could use something like YouTube Center which has the option to force Flash (Working for me) or if you don’t want all the extra features you could try youtube Force Flash but I haven’t tried it, apparently it needs Tampermonkey to work with Chrome.

I don’t know if extensions and scripts can fix the issue, but in the long term it is not a solution, and developers need to start planning for a time without NPAPI-plugins. That time will soon be here, for Linux maybe as soon as April 2014.

Chromium Blog: Saying Goodbye to Our Old Friend NPAPI

Well I have the same thing in Comodo Dragon 31.0, that it uses HTML5 for some reason, but with YouTube Center installed and set up to force Flash then Youtube shows videos with Flash instead of HTML5 so it does fix that issue for me.

But no this is not a solution, its a temporary fix until Comodo fixes it (and given the release cycle lately I figure that is going to be a while)

I honestly don’t know what NPAPI and PPAPI and the likes really are but I do know that I’m sick and tired of all these standards like MP3 etc which require licensing to implement in your software (which is why CD doesn’t support it I assume?) Can’t we just have open standards? Please? Anyone? No? Okay.png

NPAPI is Netscape Plugin Application Programming Interface, the interface all plugins have used on all browsers except IE, which uses ActiveX. PPAPI (first P for Pepper) is Google’s more modern and secure plugin API, used for Chrome’s integrated Flash Player and PDF Viewer, to name the most used ones.

Regarding open standards, I couldn’t agree more. (And you are right about licensing.) Google, Mozilla and Opera have tried with WebM for more than three years, but Microsoft, Apple and others are not cooperating at all. Well, at least Microsoft added support for WebM in IE9, but the user must install the codecs needed.

Isn’t google shooting themselves in the foot here? If I understand it correctly Google would want you to use HTML5, wouldn’t it be in their best interest to make sure content is available then? I mean, If they won’t make all videos available in VP9 then at least allow VP8 above 360p… Or am I missing something? Is there supposed to be another video codec that is being used instead of VP8 that CD doesn’t support? If so, does CD not support it because or licensing?

So when you say “developers need to start planning for a time without NPAPI-plugins.” Do you mean for PPAPI or without plugins at all or another system or…?

Who would have thought Microsoft and Apple would be against open standards? 88)

It takes a long time to transcode billions of videos. It took about a year to make 30 % of all videos available in VP8. And the VP9-implementation is still young and quite slow. Today, when VP9 is missing, Chrome uses the proprietary AVC/H.264. I think YouTube was too quick to remove HD VP8-videos, but it’s a temporary issue.

I mean both PPAPI and without plugins. :wink: At least in the short term, “PepperFlash” for Chromium would be desirable. A lot of people use Opera, and a lot of Linux-users prefer Chromium over Chrome.

Well, as far as end user is concerned (me for example), I just want for things like YouTube vids to work as they should. Right now I noticed, that all of the vids that I can choose quality are using the Flash Player, while those locked to 360p only are using HTML5 one… which if you ask me, is quite strange :o Even more so, when the default Flash Player is supposed to be the “always working” one, while the HTML5 is supposed to be “working when it can work” one.

Still, that’s Google, and with their recent changes all around one can expect pretty much everything.

Yes, this has been a problem with CD for a while now. I made a very similiar thread few months ago:

Like mentioned, I’ve also used CID to watch videos that are causing problems, in hope this would get sorted out over time. I don’t have this issue in google chrome or in other browsers, so Comodo really need to sort this out, how they do it is up to them. After downloading this latest update I’ve now given up, won’t use this anymore. Love the browser and in the past this didn’t occur but it’s too annoying now, having to use a secondary browser for watching videos.

I’m not in this “Html5 beta” and entering and exiting it again doesn’t help. So I googled for the fix and found this solution: move “ffmpegsumo.dll” out of Comodo Dragon’s main folder. This fixed html5 issue for me and now all videos are played using Flash. The main issue is that with every update this file moves back and I need to move it out again. Guys at Comodo can you an option to turn html5 off completely?

Had the same problem so i deleted cashe and all history.It fixed it for a while but it appeared again so i did the same thing but this time with no result.Thank god Mushi-shi’s soluttion works.Thank you.

According to HTML5 tests - video CD does not support H.264/MP4 while Chrome does. That’s really sad because I run over HTML5 videos all the time despite having Youtube Options (Chrome plug-in which should enforce Flash player) and I’m not even in the HTML5 beta.

One workaround is to change the URL slightly.


The video is full-screen then but at least its Flash. I really like CD alot, but this issue is really annoying for me.

found a new solution its a simple extension no tampermonkey needed and it fixed my issue fast