YouTube review of CIS6 BETA (Proactive Config) by winsevenholic

Very impressive :-TU

Any questions about this video should be directed at it’s creator:

Yes that is impressive.

but the video was superfast :wink: and great audio feed.

  1. The PC is still secure if the HIPS is disabled.

2.The sandbox has no need to be reset.

Not sure Proactive setting is needed. Just causes a ton of popups.

I’ve got Proactive set and I get no pop-ups under Windows 7

I have also have the same set for Windows 8 in VM with no pop-ups

So I’m not sure what your saying clocks



How many programs have you tried to install, that you have not received popups?

Maybe v6 is different, but if proactive security doesn’t cause popups anymore(or silently block safe things), then why don’t they just make it the default setting?

Anyway, in that video, I saw a ton more popups than the two times I tested CIS6 on started settings.

Further enough clocks, I’ve not really done any Virus/malware tesing as yet.

So that may be why.