Youtube makes Google Account linking compulsory.

Youtube have decided to make google account linking compulsory to all users. What do you think about this? I personally hate this decision as now I have gotten accustomed to logging in with my usual username. But what do you think?

Youtube and Google accounts belong to the same garbage can: why shouldn’ t they be together?

Believe me, I would love to go onto something better. But the problem is that no-one else wants to. What’s the point of going to a resource sharing site with no people to share it with?

I used some years ago a multi IM engine (Jabber-Psi, if i remember well), in order to “communicate” with some people, but very hard indeed to set the appropriate credentials, as the instant messenger editors are not ready to stop flooding you with their junk (call it Google or whatever you want).

Most people actually share whatever (including their privacy) on various sites, i am an archeopteryx in this matter, i only share when i have to through mail or http/ftp servers: most certainly not “instantaneous”, but allowing you to keep the full extent of what is shared or not, and avoiding security risks.

I have gmail lol so i don’t care :smiley:

So I"m on the fence :slight_smile:

but shhhh don’t tell anyone that i’m a secret agent Muahahahha I have top secret information regarding abandoned thoughts :smiley:


I think that if you want a lot of applications for free (and Google provides both the greatest number and the best quality) you will have to give something away.
Someone, somehow, has to pay for all those billions.
Put things in perspective… or pay for something else.

I dislike it because my YouTube and Google accounts are a mess. I have multiple, separate Google and YouTube accounts, and each has some useful purpose (or did). It is confusing me and my password manager. And this will probably make it worse. :stuck_out_tongue: