Youtube exploits?

My sister has no sense when it comes to computer security and I fear I have contracted some form of spyware as the computer is responding slower, what do you guys advise I should do?

ps will a virus or spyware trigger an alert in my firewall if it tries to send outbound information??

She was using youtube and MSN messenger which have exploits at the moment I believe so that worries me further

Greetings sanctuary24,

Yes, CPF will show if it’s trying to access the Internet.
If you don’t recognize the name of the application/parent, deny it.

Perform a antivirus scan, remember to update database file first.
Then you should run a malware scanner, like Spybot S&D(, Lavasoft Ad-Aware( or A²(
For your information, A² is A-squared.

Also, download HijackThis( and run a scan, then post the log here.

If you mean the old MSN Messenger(not WLM Messenger), then update to the latest version:

This version deals with the webcam exploit, which I suppose you’re meaning.