Youtube controls not working in Comodo

I would like someone to tell me if experiencing the same problems. When I enter Youtube, video controls don’t work in Comodo but they work well in other browsers. I can’t stop the video, move forward, change volume, etc. Is this a known bug? Will Comodo solve it in a future update? Please help, I’ve been using Comodo for 1 week and I’m dissappointed with this problem. I’m using Windows 10. Sorry for my poor English.

Hi and welcome jmerlog,
Is the issue still present in incognito mode?


When I first used this version of Dragon, I did a force install of FlashPlayer. All is working as it should.

In incognito mode everything works fine. Do I always have to access Youtube in incognito mode? That seems pretty absurd to me. Thanks in advance for any useful replies.


Hi jmerlog,
No, trying incognito mode tells me an extension is probably causing the issue.
Try disabling your extensions until you find the one causing the issue, most likely an ad-blocking or script-blocking extension.

Thank you.

I use an ad blocker myself, so a script most likely

I finally got Comodo to work well with Youtube. It was effectively an extension causing the issue, not exactly an ad-blocker but a right click allowing extension. I uninstalled it and everything is working fine now.

Thank you very much. It’s good to know there’s always someone willing to help.

Hi jmerlog,
You are welcome.
It is good to hear that you found the troublesome extension. :-TU

Kind regards.