Your views on Comodo Cloud Scanner please.

Hi Guys

We released a scanner called Comodo Cloud Scanner.

What it does is to check if you have an active infection or not in your PC. It does do a good job identifying a clean PC (or not so clean PC :wink: ). We would love to hear your opinion about this please. This works in realtime with our Servers in our AV Labs over internet (hence Cloud) and has CIMA look up built in. So it checks to see all active processes to see if there is any unknown process/file exists, if it finds an unknown process/file then checks this with our AV Labs for a verdict (safe or malware), if its still unknown then sends the file to CIMA for realtime Analysis.

This is the tool our techies use when remotely fixing computers, and we wanted to make this available to all to check their computers for active infections.


I think its nice, you don’t have to worry about updates. It’s all done on there end. I personally believe it saves time and energy (this is good if your in the computer repair business)

awesome job on the cloud scanner :slight_smile:

I like this tool but is it needed if you are already using CIS? (firewall, antivirus and defense+ enabled). I guess signatures will be newer but for me, this is a very usefull tool to recommend to others (i.e friends, work colleagues, etc) for scanning their computers.


this is a quick diagnostic tool, that will give you an ability to mark a PC clean or find out if anything should be investigated or not…Spot on Jay!


You are right, its not to replace CAV.
This is a diagnostic tool that will either tell you your PC is clean etc… or tell you what needs attention…


The idea is really nice. I hate the fact that I need Comodo to solve things for me

It’s a excellent diagnostic tool and comes in handy when your cleaning some one elses PC. I don’t have a problem in the world terminating processes manually. And it’s good majority of the time Cloud will say “yes, this is malware” Defense+ and this baby is a good combination to lock down bad processes and files (Defense+>View Active Process List).

This tool saves HOURS cleaning a infected PC (Like scanning with multiple on-demand scanners) and I am really glad Comodo produced this. :slight_smile:


Totally agree :-TU. It’s also an excellent tool to promote CIS and CSC to replace their exisiting security/maintenance software (should ALOT of malware or other issues be found on their system).


Totally agree here too!

Making someone part with their existing “paid” software is very hard especially when replacing with something free (if they’ve already paid for it). I know comparison charts (i.e antivirus) aren’t anything to go by currently but are usefull (visually) for persuading someone to switch. Having a tool actually report issues on their system, well that one step better that comparison charts I think.



I think CCS will have only one interest, is to promote CIS and CSC.

All users of CIS will install it before, i’ll help to clean a pc.
See how many user are interest by CCS, not a lot.

CCS will be just a way to say, look, CIS is better than xxx, try this.

But, you absolutely need a portable version, it’s a test, so just excecute it like hitjackthis or all other things use to test something, and a way to generate a log of all issues.
By the way, CCS should be able to have two scanners, one to scan active process and say, see what malware are active on your computer, and one other to scan all drivers and say look what malware can be excecute and miss by your security.

And sorry for my bad english ;D