Your own special Comodo Internet Security Link

You can create your own special CIS url.
Then share this everywhere you can.
When people click on this link to install CIS for FREE…you make Comodo Dollars!

Plus you will have grateful users for helping them with security!

Here is my link!

What is yours?

here is mine, Melih :-TU

get protect yourself and support me through download 8) :love: (CLY)

Hi Dear Sir Melih and all friends :slight_smile:

I want to use this but I can’t make copy from CIS Premium’s own-link!!

In manage page I just have CIS Pro, Complete (2 Items) :o and Adv AV !!!

Can you help me? ???

Hey Neohush:

We want to thank you for your feedback. We have fixed the issue and you are welcome to log back in to to get your link for CIS Premium.

Your friends at Comodo

Thanks :slight_smile: Share CIS Premium More And More :-*

Here is mine:

Cool! haha

Hello Dear Melih and Friends :-*

After sharing my own links of COMODO my friends are very happy!!! :a0
Some of theme moved from Kaspersky, Eset, Symantec and… ;D
Some friends has been protected againts missed viruses by Kaspersky!! :P0l

I have 2 problems… 1, After login I receive an error about incorrect user/pass but when I click on manage links, I logged in!! ???
2, I’m so happy and feel great when I sharing Comodo with people more and more… :a0 Some times I using main download link (non-ownedlinks) from because I don’t receive any Comodo Money from per users’ downloads! (~~10 downloads from own link)… I want to know that my friends should enter his email in setup (premium and complete) for making Comodo money for me, or not?

xo neohush :wink:

Mr. Abdulhayoğlu :wink: How much Comodo Money do you have now I wonder 88) :smiley:

Best Regards to Father of Internet Security :■■■■

Hi Neohush:

Thank you for reaching out to us.

  1. As to issue # 1 – We suggest to try again to login to The site is working normally now and you shouldn’t have any problem to login. If you do, please include your login to investigate further (we had some minor issues with login but they were all solved).
  2. As to issue # 2 - No, friends don’t need to enter their emails when installing CIS. The referrer will still get Comodo Money reward if the friend installed CIS using his/her unique download link


Comodo Staff

This is mine.