Your opinions on Apple iPhone?

Hey Guys

What are your thoughts on the iPhone? I’m thinking of getting an iPhone 4 tomorrow…


I would choose Android instead. :slight_smile:

Apple sells image and not functionality. :wink: The sooner people see that the iPhone is not that great, the better off we’ll all be. If I were you, I would wait until early next year when Motorola, LG, and Samsung release the dual core phones. Despite what you may hear, Dual cores actually use less battery power, so you get better speed and longer battery life, so it’s a win-win situation. I can find the tech paper where nVidia fully explains how a dual core uses less power, it’s really interesting. The Samsung phone will have a 4.3" Super AMOLED 2 screen!!! Brilliant.

Oh, and there is nothing truer than this comic:

Josh not sure if you already signed up for your iPhone or not.

Location is improtant ! In or near a BIG City iPhone is known to have great connections, but I know 2 that travel a lot and many times the iPhone has problems simply connecting.

Verizon si supposed be getting their version in Feb. again not sure how volume will affect their network.

And as with downloads via a data plan many features have limitations.


iPhones are for the rich and the people who try to be cool. :P0l

I may get an Android someday, but don’t have much need of one. I have a laptop. :slight_smile:

LOL…this is funny!!!

I'm thinking of getting an iPhone 4 tomorrow...
■■■■■ that, could get the same thing but better from there competiers Read this, before you buy the IPHONE

Then most important reaon

6: Android Lets You Choose Your Carrier
AT&T truly is the iPhone's weakest link. The iPhone's success turned the country's fastest 3G network into a staggering mess of dropped calls and dodgy data connections. If you lust after an iPhone and live in an area with poor AT&T coverage, you're stuck struggling with low signal quality, slow data speeds, and missed calls. Android devices are available on every major cellular carrier (although AT&T only offers a single, somewhat underpowered, Android phone). Verizon has the Motorola Droid, Droid Eris, and Droid Incredible to start. T-Mobile has the Nexus One, MyTouch 3G, Behold II, and will soon carry the MyTouch Slide. And Sprint has the Hero, Moment, and plans for the very promising Evo 4G. No matter where you live, Android lets you pick the carrier that's best for you.
If you've ever thought about buying an iPhone, you have probably noticed the price tag. The older iPhone 3G costs $99 with a two-year commitment and performs sluggishly with the latest OS updates when compared to the 3GS (which will run you a whopping $199 with two-year agreement). Because Android is an open source platform, it is very cost effective to implement which means savings for the end user. Every major cellular carrier (except for AT&T) has at least one Android phone available free with two-year agreement. Of course these are lower end Android devices, but they are still comparable in performance to the iPhone 3GS. The most expensive Android phones (which significantly outperform the iPhone 3GS) are $199 with two-year contract.

With the extra money saved, get some dental work done :stuck_out_tongue: L.O.L. O0