Your opinion, should I use DMZ or not?

I want to know what is better for my security, to place my desktop computer in DMZ of my D-Link Wireless N 150 Home Router DIR-600 or not?
I did port stealthing test on and with my computer in DMZ I got slightly better results.Seems that Comodo didn’t try to counter-probe the attacker like hardware firewall did.
I need an answer.

Ummm …

There’s a fundamental flaw in your logic.

If you got better results when your CIS protected PC was in the routers DMZ (and therefore exposed to the internet) then CIS was doing a better job.

Before you placed your PC in the routers DMZ, any testing you were doing at GRC was acually reporting the results returned by your router, not by your PC.

GRC’s tests accept the first response it gets back from the publicly accessible IP assigned to your conection. If you are behind a router, the router will respond to GRC’s probes, not the PC behind the router. Placing the PC in the routers DMZ allows inbound traffic from the internet to reach the PC without intervention from the router and GRC’s tests are then probing the PC, not the router.

I would have a look at the configuration of the routers firewall.

Hope this helps,
Ewen :slight_smile:

Thanks panic, I got a point.
So, I have double protection.My PC with CIS are behind routers hardware firewall and CIS still protecting me if something sneaks in.

More importantly, if something tries to sneak out. :wink: