Your opinion on 'Threat Intelligence Lab Update' videos?

here’s an example:

What’s your honest opinion? Please vote.

They might be helpful but the videos should be on YouTube instead of Vimeo. IMHO

There should be a dedicated website for Comodo Threat Intelligence Lab. It would show current statistics, analysis, warnings, updates etc.

in that case, a more detailed (text-only) page would be more appropriate to you?

That is a great idea. Dedicated with text details and references. Videos are fine in the right place, but can rarely provide the details (and links) needed to hold the attention

Web page realtime update would be more beneficial.

Videos should be for educating, like new phishing method attack, some new ransomware and how it behaves, and general tips and tricks.

I would even welcome “changelog” video, on what’s changed, improved, etc…

World nuclear exchange map [malware shooting all over the place] is on a low level of priority, latest detection, virus count, file lookup [Valkyrie], IT security news and outbreaks, protected comodo users count, incidents per country, and so on…

I imagine one guy per shift would handle the data…

I would love the statistics thing to be part of CIS/CCAv…

videos are important, they become even more useful when it shows real cases of detection and protection.

I think they are good, but in my opinion they just need to be made more entertaining and less robotic in feeling.

If you do that you will probably get more Youtube subscribers.

the same for me…