Your Opinion: avast! or Comodo antivirus?

I was using Comodo for 1 week ( ;D) or so… but recently avast! 6 comes out… with sandbox included in the free edition unlike version 5. So, I’m thinking switching to avast! 6 free, or stay with my current configuration (avast! 5 free + Comodo Firewall). I just wanna know your opinion if it worth switching…

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I think you should stay with CAV; you be protected and safe even if CAV doesn’t have the features as Avast has. The sandbox and the Behavior blocker need to mature.

Since this is a personal opinion I would appreciate if these that dislike my opinion to keep it for themselves.

Valentin N

does avast sandbox “all unknown” files?

Hi YD. It really comes down to personal choice Imo. Whatever setup you decide, Imo it is best to use the current versions. In most cases the latest versions run more efficiently, and most likely offer advanced protection. My choice is to run Comodos AV and firewall, this way their is no chance of incompatabilities. Avast 6 may run ok with CF, and may or may not have any compatability problems. Time will tell. Kind regards.

If you want just the basic security i.e FW & AV then you need a very good & strong AV. My opinion, Avast is overall better than Comodo AV in this case. But if you are comfortable with few popups & little learning then CIS Free Full Suite is my opinion.


Your Opinion: avast! or Comodo antivirus?
Why not try both and see what which one feels more comfortable to you

First education…

If you watch these, then you should have enough knowledge to make your own judgement.

Comodo is all about empowering the user both thru knowledge and best in class software.


no it doesn’t.

Avast and comodo firewall with malwarebytes almost invincable make sure its the free version of malwarebytes because the realtime will conflict with your AV b

I would not use Avast for 2 reasons:

1-It does not give you the option to sandbox unknown files.
2-The automatic sandbox is very “fresh”.

Sincerely, CIS5 gives me everything i need. Out of the box probably offers the best protection out there, but if you tweak it, it becomes just “Bullet proof” 8). For example i my self put the “Automatic sandbox” to “Blocked” ,for me the simplest and possibly the strongest protection (no chance to run no chance to do harm), and every application that goes to the Internet is run under the “Manual Sandbox” (“Limited”), for greater reassurance (better word than paranoia >:-D) .
So basically i just need one application, and because of that i do not need to worry about hidden/future conflicts and slowdowns.

But of course like everybody is saying you should test both and choose the one that can fulfill or security approach.

P.S. I have to say that the manual sandbox is still not a mature application, and that there are few tests out there to really know how strong it is.

so how will Avast stop an “unknown” file that happens to be a “malware”?

If I am not mistaken it will decided weather to sandbox an unknown application or not, based on heuristics so if the heuristics says: it’s all good with the unknown application then the unknown application will not be sandboxed.

One problem that I have with TVL is that it’s to huge and I suggest that only the necessary trusted vendor are in the TVL such as AMD, Intel, Nvidia, ATI and other hardware related software, the other can be in cloud. So comodo will have TVL and Cloud TVL.

Valentin N

No. That would be a function of full (ie. paid) version.

Prompts users to run suspicious applications in the virtual Sandbox environment.
Perhaps when it's not digitally signed, prompt user to open it in SandBox?

I don’t want risk to test it. I’m afraid that they may not be fully compatible to run two sandbox system on my computer. My computer is a production computer for work.

Don’t wanna risk with my production computer.

I was using avast! before I switch to Comodo. avast!'s virus (traditional) detection is simply awesome and even more powerful than my ESET NOD32!

Ummm… still undecided :-* Don’t kill me off, but just give advice which I do appreciate them ;D

Most reasonable is to test yourself for some time anti-virus or security suite, and then You will note which work best. In this issue it is really a lot of possibilities. For one of the best is avast and for other CIS will be unbeatable. Greetings.

No. It’s not the deny policy in action. They didn’t want to follow this way, on contrary, autosandbox is based on signatures and heuristics: The future of avast protection

Sandbox is a complete and secure sandbox. No doubt about that.
It has, if the user wants, some user friendly ways to use browsers.

It’s not the major goal… We all know that digital signatures are in the front end of the security…

No. The autosandbox is present both in free and paid versions.
The ability of autosandboxing I mean.
The full on demand sandbox is only present in the paid version.

Indeed two sandbox will mess your computer.