Your opinion about the antivirus from Comodo.

Many people do not use antivirus because of the fact that:

  1. many false positives;
  2. very large virus database, causing a lot of false positives;
  3. difficult to set up;
  4. Detect bad viruses ( not much change in focus eicar not see );
  5. very suspicious ( any cracks it finds viruses, when in fact they are not).

And what is your attitude to this product?

i have been using it for a while now with heuristics on medium and havent had many FPs at all. i have had like 2 from some virus cleaning programs which isnt uncommon. it detects a lot even zero day malware. im happy with it

Been using it for a while and cant say ive had many issues. The false positives due to packer detection/double extension is the only major gripe i have. Other than that new samples seem to be added pretty quick, a great deal of thanks should be given to the helpers who collect and report many many malware samples each day.
Kudos to you all :-TU

Heuristics on high. Max size 999


It seems to me that your 5 reasons list contains a few repeats.

I personally haven’t experienced any more FP’s with CAV than I did with Avira…

Comodo is improving quite quickly the detections posted here in forums.

My personal experience with CAV, for 1 year on 5 computers CAV did not give me even a single False Positive report, (Except for that heur.doubleextension, which I do always get, and have set an exclusion for it)

1. many false positives;


Your question is wrong… and soon to be obsolete in the near future with the comming of DACS feature. Maybe you should ask something like… What is your opinion on the antivirus, your last line of defense ?.. I see that some people are not educated enough in the matter of security if they ask this question. Not being educated is not a bad thing… a bad thing would be not to accept new points of view and not think about them…

People should read more about Comodo, about the product that is Comodo Internet Security and about all the features it has. Comodo is an innovative product that is totally different from what some users know about security.
The term “Antivirus” and what it stands for, is a 25 year-old obsolete invention that some companies are still fooling people with, in order to make money.

An antivirus should be the last line of defense… Sorry, but not being educated about security, just won’t work anymore… but if people are willing to endure the stress and spend lots of money… who knows what the future holds… As for myself, I am thankful to Melih and Comodo for the education I’ve received.

Oh, they should search/watch some ComodoVision video materials… maybe it will point them in the right direction and save them some stress and money.

P.S On may 9th, I’ve “celebrated” two years since I’ve installed CIS (full) and not a single infection has touched my pc so far.

Good luck.

I’m not agree with 5th.
Are you sure it’s really safe ?

at Victor Popescu

i dont see a reason why someone should be called not educated or like that, when he asks about an opinion about something.
and your post makes in one point no sense: do you use an antivirus, or not? yes, you use an antivirus, and tell us you are virus free. so as you use an antivirus yourself, why do you say these product is obsolete and fooled on us for money?
if its useless, uninstall the antivirus part. good luck.

i choosed a freeware antivirus. because i have a good opinion about it.

Running on about 150 Pc at one site and have not had single FP or virus/malware. D+ sometimes dislike business software but that is understandable. Does not expect it to know about software written is South Africa for South Africa business .

So I will give it 100%

Hi Black Star.
My opinion and attitude towards CAV.

  1. Have not had that problem myself.
  2. A large DB would more likely decrease the false negatives, than it would increase false positives I would think.
  3. Difficult to understand maybe, but straight out of the box works fairly well with not much setup required in most situations.
  4. Bad guys usually detected if executed.
  5. Covered in number one, and to treat unusual behaviour as suspicious can be a good thing.
    Overall Imo it is a reasonable product. Kind regards.


If you carefully read my post, especially the bottom part, I said there that I’ve “celebrated” two years since I’ve installed CIS (full) without being infected so far… so yes, I do use the antivirus from CIS…

But here’s the tricky part…

Comodo doesn’t dance arround (like other companies do, and charge big money for it) it’s antivirus feature in their product, Comodo Internet Security, but Comodo has stated countless times that the antivirus is an obsolete invention and should be regarded upon as “the last line of defense” in your security…(Melih’s own words) which imo works, AND IT’S FREE (I have two years with no infection… no other payd product by my own money like Kaspersky, BitDefender, McAfee has lasted me this long without infection).
If people want good security, imo, they should focus on a good firewall and a HIPS… now sure a HIPS is very talkative and it asks tons of questions, but, again, imo that’s a small price to pay for being more secure.

I see you’ve felt that my remark on people not “being educated” was out of place, but, again, if you read my post carefully, I’ve said that “not being educated is not a bad thing”…

If you feel that X antivirus product is good and you have a good opinion about it… so be it… I’ve felt the same about Avast like 3-4 years back untill Vundo malware teared through it like tissue paper.

The point is, IF you consider that your best security lies in an antivirus feature… you my friend, will have a big surprise sooner or later…

P.S I am really surprised about your comment… thought you are an educated member of this community… but hey, maybe is my fault for not makin’ myself clear… english is not my native language… then please excuse me.

Don’t agree wit the second point (+Signature=Better chance to get flagged some software)

why are you surprised that i wrote when others are called not educated by just having an opinion about an antivirus? and why should that make me not educated?

as long as it has an use to use an antivirus, its a good idea to use it. today we can use it additional to a defense+ (for example), but obsolete would it be when you can uninstall it at all.
if you dont have an antivirus, you would never know about any file if its a virus. if you have an antivirus, you get a good possibillity to have the chance to know it.
dont mix the description about antivirusprograms with companies behaviour.
what might be obsolete is simply the argumentation that nothing is missing by using an antivirus alone. but this point is in both directions right. without antivirus, something would be missing too.
i dont see a problem here…

i scan files first when they are new, because that is the logical order of things. if its known as virus, i wouldnt want it to run at all. in sandbox or not.
in other situations, defense+ saves my pc against an autorunning-somewhat.
theres no black and white, no static lines.
no surprise that i wrote :smiley:

btw, to say an opinion about a product part could contain a hint for useabillity. … another reason why this is something educated to do :slight_smile:

i prefer free products which let me choose if they convince me enough to pay for them. maybe i had just luck to find the usefull right ones without getting a false fruit, which i would have to pay first to find out on the way, or which (even) failed.
i could not say a bad thing about an antivirus from what i experienced. now you maybe understand my point without calling me not educated again.

I see why you feel not educated… so there is still hope.

Good luck to you, my friend !

Hi DisPPlay. I Probably worded it wrong. What I meant was the extra detection of Positives , out weighs the possibly few extra FPs. Kind regards

Well… I use it just because it’s nicely integrated with COMODO Firewall/Defense+, it looks ok, but I agree on the fact that it reports a lot of false positives.

It also detected jQuery (the king of JavaScript libraries) because of the double “.min.js” extension of the minimized version.

EDIT: i erased some parts, as it is most likely a misunderstanding what let us discuss about the same fact. the main problem was simply the telling about education, and to define with it antivirus products as obsolete. so dont mix discussions about things with attributes of persons involved in the discussion. we both agree that comodo is a better product than an antivirus alone. i just tried to say, without an antivirus something would be missing, so its good to have an opinion about this part. i dont see a reason to reduce the amount of layers. and you like to have the new layers. basically we are not opposite in opinion. we both are translating this language. i understood this as you said, you were surprised about my comment. i said normal clockwork stuff :slight_smile: . when you read my later posts, you will see that there is no surprise :slight_smile: .

i wasnt fooled by an antivirus, because i never had to pay for a bad one. but it was a usefull thing for me.
while you paid for something bad. so you got fooled. thats not my fault. comodo is a nice finding. and in your situation its the best finding after so much unluck. i understand you. could you try to understand that education has many faces? my face smiles… :smiley:

it seems as if you “hate” antivirus so much (i think, you misunderstood something), that you even cant think good about antivirus in the comodo package. if it was useless, why should it be in the package? and why dont you uninstall yours?

why should someone speak bad about a fair antivirus company (which lets you choose), just because it makes an antivirus? you can get fooled, but you can search yourself. look at games. each one is the best game ever, buy this and you have the best game!!! do you believe that? thats your fault.
hey, i got a game for free, and its my favorite one! i dont need someone who protects me against advertising, i think by myself. i choose by myself. why do you wish me luck? its you who had no luck in the past. but that doesnt mean that luck is needed to be protected. if so, something is defintely wrong!

the bad thing is the form of some marketing (like: “paying much for simple signatures is the only way to be protected”). the bad thing is NOT the product itself. Example: if someone advertises a bike as a supercar, it will still be a bike. and for some situations a bike is very usefull! even though it isnt a supercar. so get a bike from someone who doesnt sell them as supercars!
advertising is not real information. dont get fooled! this is what i see when i read about what comodo says :slight_smile: