Your free lifetime license for COMODO Backup expires on Nov 17, 2013

Downloaded and installed Comodo Backup. Still testing it out and exploring its features. Nice application, btw.

During the installation, the installation wizard said “We will activate your free lifetime license for COMODO Backup by connecting with COMODO license servers”. Okay! The only other field was an optional e-mail announcements sign-up (which I did not want) so we’re good. Right? Next.

But the e-mail confirmation reads “Your subscription expires on: Nov 17, 2013.”

Will the backup software not work on Nov 18, 2013? What was the free lifetime license text about?

Thank you.


There are 2 different licenses that I think are causing the confusion.
COMODO Backup license - that is free for lifetime
COMODO Cloud license - that in your case expires on Nov 17 2013. It will renew itself automatically then.


Ah. I see. I see. Thank you.

The e-mail subject line is “Comodo Order Confirmation” so I assumed the expiration date was regarding my entire account. But that makes more sense – and is a relief.

Great product, once again. :-TU