Your Firewall [resolved]

I did the leak test on your website only for the firewall to work great I thought things look promising only for the worm to infect my system when I tried to access yahoo and hotmail I had this message from the firewall C:\ProgramFlies\yahoo\messenger\yahooMessenger.exe has loaded idle.dill into yahoo messenger . exe using a globol hook which could be used by keyloggers to steal private info and now msn C:\ProgramFiles\yahho!\messenger\yahoomessenger.exe has loaded idle.dll into msnmsgr using a global hook which could be used by keyloggers to steal private info now I wanna know how to get rid of that virus thanks

Well if it is indeed a virus/worm, then it would appear to be infected in the Yahoo messanger files, just uninstall yahoo messanger then reinstall, of course this could just be a part of Yahoo messanger and be perfectly normal.

but it moved from yahoo to msn and then to I.E then to firefox then to Ewido grrrrrrrrr


If this is indeed the case, then this may in fact be a virus, if Comodo is not picking it up please scan using Trend Micro House Call which will remove anything it finds, also before removal please send one of the infected files to Comodo by e-mail or by going here. Please post your results back here.

Good Luck!


right the test said it does not find anything wrong with my system so your firewall could be sending out wrong info or homecall avg and avast are rubbish A.V’s or maybe whatever it is on my system is playing hide and seek…

This website mentions that idle.dll is used by yahoo and iv’e also seen that msn messenger can also have it, that the genuine idle.dll is a Microsoft Visual C++ Idle component,
and here’s another site about the file
idle.dll - Microsoft(R) Visual C++ Idle Component, Delete and Removal Information!
i don’t have any link with the above websites just saw the pages in a google search of idle.dll

thanks for your help (:CLP)


Glad your issue was addressed, I to did a Google search and saw that this was a Windows Component looks like that somebody posted it before me though. Well with that said I would think that this issue is Resolved