Your Firewall Needs to be fixed. It's over protective.

Blizzard entertainment is a safe application. Do yourself a favor and google “11 million people can’t be wrong.” anyone have a suggestion for a firewall that works with World of Warcraft? Thanks in advance.

I had to “skip” the application (which is a strange use of the English language to begin with, may want to go with “allow”?). The average person (however gamers might know this) may not know that they need set WoW’s options to “window’d mode” (and not the wide screen selection) just to “skip” Comodo’s false positive.

This is particularly frustrating because I’ve allowed WoW and Blizzard full and trusted access via the ports and options before I had to “skip” it. People, about 13 million of them, pay to play this game monthly after an initial 70 dollar fee (that’s with the expansions), and it’s bad enough I often have to wait in a 1300 person queue 'til others log out, let alone my firewall not allowing it.

"11 million people can't be wrong."

A surprising position: the number of, i.e., Facebook users probably exceeds this figure, altough everybody knows that Facebook is totally useless and is a privacy threat so severe that no one in the real life would ever accept its principle, not even speaking of the consequences of these (most often but not always) voluntary leaks on, e.g., one’s professionnal life.

I guess that Churchill was right stating that Democracy is the worst system excepting all others, in other words, yes, that a proportion most larger than 11 million people as compared to the total number of internet users can actually be wrong.

Coming back on topic, note that any online game is an issue for any firewall, as it most often requires a dynamic range of ports, a large number of users, and moreover often not only the main executable but several accessory ones of which no one knows the level of safety.
I don’t understand whatever to online gaming (and don’t want to, even if i like playing bridge), but doesn’t the “gaming mode” achieve what you want?
This last mode, being relatively insecure, maybe illustrates what is said before: it is somewhat antinomic to use a “harsh” firewall and online gaming; maybe the illusion of using a firewall (i won’t provide any names) would then be enough.

I play Wow and none of this is necessary to do. Especially since now, Comodo recognizes Blizzard Entertainment as safe automatically and adds it to the Trusted Vendors list. You may have to allow access one time during the Launcher process (before you get into full screen mode), but everything works fine after that with the 5.xx versions of Comodo. ( I do have D+ permanently disabled though). It was a hassle before though.

One thing I will say though is that if you are using just the Firewall and you’re a gamer, disable both D+ and the sandboxing and your life will be much more pleasant. Gamers are still better off just using the basic Firewall of Comodo and another AV from a different vendor.

You most likely had a Buffer Overflow alert. That’s not a false positive. Comodo found a software error, buffer overflow, and it warned the user about it. It is part of the protection CIS offers; it can help to prevent getting infected by malware trying to exploit unpatched vulnerabilities in software.

When you know the application and the source it was downloaded from and that your system is free of malware you can safely skip it.

+1 ;D

brucine , you’re comparing apples and oranges. WoW costs a pretty good chunk of money to play and it also costs 15 dollars a month to play, each account. You don’t pay for facebook and they shouldn’t be compared.

Yeah, back to the topic. I just feel when you set up the firewall, or any program, it should just allow it to go through. You shouldn’t have to dabble with it as I did to run it/them. It did the same thing with daemon tools, and I can understand why it may recognize DT as a threat, but I don’t pay for it.

I am not sure that paying for something is a good enough criter to make it safe.

I’m pretty sure Comodo is well aware that Blizzard’s software and servers are safe.

either way, this is far too much. I’m now having problems with my audio and installing daemon tools. It all works in my restore just before installing comodo. Going with Zone Alarm until I hear these issues are resolved. Thanks anyway.

This problem will go away when Blizzard fixes the buffer overflow problem in their app, when you disable BO protection in CIS or when you add Blizzard executable(s) to the exclusion of buffer overflow protection.

This is not for CIS to fix. The BO protection is working like it should; it’s a necessary protective layer.

Ic, well I’ll start a threat at blizzard’s foruims. Thank you.