Your favourite IM client

I use, since tonight, Pidgin!

Being locked to MSN (due to friends - I’d prefer Google Talk), I began with Windows Messenger (W.M.) since I thought the Live Messenger (L.M.) was “too much”. But all my friends use L.M. and it has turned out that I can’t send files to them. Thus, I looked for something else, and found Trillian. A very nice program, but also with many functions I don’t need. So again I had a look, and now I’ve found it: Pidgin. Really simple (but the setup file is actually larger than Trillian’s, besides it requires GTK+), and a feature I appreciate: it’s open source!


Another vote for Pidgin (ex gaim).

The installation of window s messenger was corrupted somehow in my copy of xp, I tried the msn client, but I don’t like all the ads they show, so looked around for an alternative.
Then I found gaim (pidgin now) :BNC
brilliant IM client, handles pretty much all protocols (including irc), and as LA said, open source.

I use WLM, and have used it since 4.0 or possible earlier versions. Good IM-client except I hate all new feature like make screen shake and those annoying wink-things.

Yeah, that’s what I think of WLM too. Also, I cannot understand why there are ads in the program. There are many excellent free clients, without any trace of ads. Pidgin, I won’t change you in the first place!

I also strongly dislike software you have to clean up a lot after, if you uninstall it. That was really the case with WLM - folders everywhere to delete. That’s a ■■■■■■ installer/uninstaller. As for registry entries, I don’t remember, but most likely my cleaner found a lot of unused entries after WLM…


Unfortunately I experienced a problem today with Pidgin. It won’t send files properly. I can still receive though. Hope they fix the bug, don’t wanna change to anything else.