Your email certificate web page

I’m rather enjoying my latest discoveries in your free tools sellection, I’ve used your firewall for a few months now and find it decent and easy to use.

Just a note, you should consider adding a note in your web page where we can sign up for a free encryption certificate detailing the requirements to creat this free certificate.

I by default AVOID any and every version of Internet Explorer and well, as you can guess, when I tried to create a certificate in Google Chrome, things didn’t go very well. (the page loops in a reload without end).

I sort of figured it out quickly, but it might make it lest frustrating for others, IE is not the major browser anymore and hasn’t been for a few years! I don’t use it except for where it is absolutely required as is the case here. I trust you and your sight so it’s a no brainer for here.

BTW thanks for the good freeware, it’s great to have access to stuff this good without having to jump through hoops. I’m moving towards a freeware only machine, efforts from companies like you are making this posible. I hates MS! Good stuff just way too hacked.

Thank you for your feedback.

There actually is a direct link from the Free Software section of the main Comodo page that directs you to Email Certificate Signup.