Your device is not compatible.

Samsung P5110 Android device.

I first downloaded from Comodo when given the option, but was told that my machine was not allowed to install apps not from the app store. So I went to the app store but was told my device was not compatible with this version.

I really want Comodo on my android, as I have it on all my machines and like it. but how do I get it? Is this an app store thing, …?

Thanks for any help


You have to check ‘install from unknown sources’ first.
Once checked, you may install the DL’d CMS.

Thanks for the reply. I saw that option but was loathe to use it, as I am seeing some really dodgy stuff going on in the android app world. I am not the only unhappy one. I will reset the switch as soon as I have installed.

Actually when I think about it, part of the problem will be that so many aps asking for so much permission will be a real nuisance.

SO. One of the problems with apps on google is that they demand permissions (such as watching my phone, using my address/location …and that was for an app that altered my device’s speaker volume for ambient noise!) …will Comodo catch and allow me to stop such behaviour once I have the app installed?

Thanks again

No, that is beyond the scope of this app.
There is very little currently to manage permissions with apps.
Most permissions shouldn’t be an issue. Eg monitoring phone. This is to ensure when a call comes in, your screen will bring you to the dialer (obviously now active) so that you may decide if you wish to answer the call or ignore it.
The thing you should be watching for is autostart. Many apps will run in the background needlessly.
Several good apps can be found to disable autostart or the triggers that prompt it. Also, an app called Greenify will place selected user apps to sleep so they don’t consume resources (battery), but are always ready to use on demand.