Your connection is not secure

I have normal Firefox installed alongside Comodo IceDragon (Firefox) and while normal Firefox works, Comodo IceDragon tells me every site, including your site ( is not secure. This, of course, makes Comodo IceDragon unusable.

I have uninstalled and reinstalled the program twice now, hoping this would resolve the issue. I even redownloaded the installer which supplied me a newer version.


Are you running Comodo IceDragon Portable?

What Antivirus & Adblocker are you running?

No, I am not using the portable.

Adguard Pro
Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Pro
BitDefender 2017

Please note that Comodo Dragon (Chrome) works just fine. But I would still like to have Comodo IceDragon too.

Just try disabling HTTPS filtering in Adguard & check with IceDragon…

If Bitdefender too has HTTPS filtering, you will have to disable it too.

The problem appears to be Comodo IceDragon with AdGaurd.

Sadly, this means I’ll have to uninstall Comodo IceDragon (Firefox), as AdGaurd is functioning correctly, and this is not a problem with Comodo Dragon (Chrome) or any other browser (Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Internet Explorer, etc all work fine).

Hope the developers resolve this issue with Comodo IceDragon

Try this -
For Firefox, Cyberfox, etc…

Go to Options, then to Advanced (tab), Certificates (tab on page), then “View Certificates”, Import.

You want to import the Adguard certificate from C:\ProgramData\Adguard\NetworkTemp\SSL
Select website option
And check with IceDragon…

And If Adguard & Bitdefender both have HTTPS filtering, I think its better to keep it enabled either in Adguard or Bitdefender & not both.

I use both and both works everywhere :wink:


Close ALL browsers
Open AdGaurd
General Settings
Scroll all the way down
Click on = Reinstall Certificates

This resolved my issue :slight_smile:

Good to know its resolved.

Have a nice day

Thank you. Have a nice day as well. :slight_smile: