Your Computer is NOT CLEAN

I recently upgraded to the 3.0 version of CSC and noticed that no matter how much I clean the various areas of my computer or enable active clean…the summary window always shows that my computer is NOT CLEAN?

Any ideas?;msg457752#msg457752

This thread shows others with problems running on both XP and Win7 64-bit OS but no smoking gun that this version is in fact not compatible with Win7 64-bit OS?

If not, I have no problem uninstalling it and waiting for it to get there. I’ve used CCleaner as well and have no problems going to that app in the mean time.

I am having the same problem. No matter how much I clean it tells me your computer is NOT CLEAN.

I’ve already uninstalled it…oh well.

Hi everyone,

same problem… I have never seen “Your computer is: CLEAN” …
What’s wrong?