your anti-virus


Hi Melih;

I Would be grateful for your help here please, A couple of days ago a friend got a Virus off the
Net while surfing, its infected his machine and he is going to reinstall everything again, and by
chance last night i got a pop-up from Comodo telling me that it had caught the WIN 32 ZLOB
Virus trying to install, and put in Quarentine. the thing is my friend is now going to put Comodo
CPF + CAVS on his computer after i told him how well they have always protected me, but as i
am a Novice with computers, am i doing the right thing for myself and others who i tell of your
Products, by relying on CAVS before its Finalised version, would you recommend leaving it on
or using another Anti-Virus in the mean-time.
By the way my friends Protection suite is McAfee but it done him no good, he`s still got a few
months left on it before renewall, but he said ■■■■■■ it, Out with McAfee and in with Comodo.

Thanks for a Magic product.


There is always a degree of risk in relying upon a BETA version of any software,especially so with security apps and those that operate at the kernel level.
If you’re not comfortable with those risks it’s much better to wait a week or 2 for the full version.In the meantime there are other free Antivirus alternatives such as Avast,AVG and Antivir.

Having said that there don’t appear to be that many serious bugs in the beta version of CAVS,so it’s really down to how patient you’re feeling.

I agree with Andyman35.
CAVS beta worked for you and its getting better, however its still a beta.