You worked who else can too?

I installed your system cleaner to assist me in removing a program I decided I didn’t want on my computer.

As with all programs i install I looked for the update option.

I found the update option, which said would run at program start, was default checked and greyed out.
I couldn’t change it…the check mark wouldn’t go away…

No big deal…how often do I run a system cleaner…since I don’t like these tools anyway…not often.

So…I did my thing with it.

then…another day later…certainly after a restart or two, a nice sized box appeared down in my bottom left hand corner…saying Comodo’s cleaner was updating.

I did not run that pgm after the last restart… or even after the next one.

And that is only one problem…

I use Win 7 on a pretty modern machine…and each of the few times I started CSC, but not do anything with it, as I was seeing what it was, I get the UAC approval box.

but your updater doesn’t seem to need that approval. I find that disturbing and Adobe like. Unlike the comodo I used to know. I will say I appreciate the notice though.

I want to say “ohh…it only checks for updates after install…or every so often”. But, it still found it’s way around the UAC.

Heck…maybe you opened my eye’s to a problem…what makes it ok for a program to not run on my machine without approval…but can call home on the internet without approval?

Since your the security experts…what’s up?

I checked your System cleaners Autoruns and auto starts…you are not listed.

Since your the security experts....what's up?
I thought that was kind of funny :-TU So I'll try to answer some of this :)
I find that disturbing and Adobe like
Before I start, For the record, there is no comparison to adobe

Anyway, let’s start with what UAC does
It’s short for User Access Control, UAC enables users to perform common tasks as non-administrators (I’m going to assume that you had Administrator access when UAC didn’t prompt up when CSC was trying to update, It only popped up when running it. Right). Controling updates (basicly programs that go online is a firewalls job, not UAC). Any program you want restricted or blocked from going online needs to be configured.
Also UAC will only pop-up under certian conditions, FYI, Alot of program don’t have UAC pop-up when installing, running or update. It more for controling regular users then users with adminstrator rights. Microsoft didn’t create it as method for security.
I personally won’t rely on UAC to stop, block and/or prevent malware.

Comodo's cleaner was updating.
If your using CIS, Comodo puts it's own programs as safe, so if you like to stop that from updating, just open the firewall and block system cleaner from going online

If your sick of the pop-ups, you can disable UAC for administrators only (UAC will still be there for regular users (follow site below)

I checked your System cleaners Autoruns and auto are not listed.
Use the add option in "auto start" if you want the system cleaner to pop-up when windows start.

As for Autorun, only the new BETA one has an option to run in “Real-Time”. Feel free to try it, if that’s what your interested in, but remember it is BETA


Without notifying you, CSC created a Scheduled Task when it was installed. If you don’t want CSC to check for program updates, open the Task Scheduler and remove the scheduled task. This has been on the complaint list for a while. I hope they resolve it in the next version.

Thank you…you are correct.

I just had that box come up again and this time I read it as it seemed to go through my program list. lol.

We’ll agree to disagree.

Thank you guys for your input…

That’s what it’s doing. It’s updating itself to your installed programs, so the next time you clean, it can address any newly installed programs. It’s not necessary if you don’t want it to check. I have mine disabled.