You promised. We waited. But where is it now?

It’s already February for a week or so… but still no updates…

sometimes if a major bug gets noticed, they would like to fix that before distributioning to millions of people

what promise???

February isn’t over yet!


Do people even understand the main difference what CIS pro/complete is? the answer no some of the features that CIS pro/complete offers is available for free (such as trust connect)

Valentin N

Valentin N,

Just to remind : this is about Pro not Complete version. Or if I misunderstand Your statement please correct me. But with the rest of course You are right.

Aloha. 8)

Pro/Complete doesn’t really matter since the differences are so small. It would be great if people look what the differences are between free, pro and complete. you understood my statement correct :slight_smile:

Valentin N