"You Have not run a Full Scan Yet" message

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A few months back I went from just using the Comodo Firewall to utilizing the complete ‘free’ Comodo Internet Security package and I am completely satisfied at this time.

However, about every 10 days or so I get a brightly colored message on the top left part of the screen saying something like …“You Haven’t Run a Full Scan Yet!” It appears in the same place where normally there is a message with a green check-mark saying “All Systems are Active and Running”.
I do weekly anti-spyware scans and I usually try to run a full ‘anti-virus’ scan every two or three weeks.

Is there anyway I can change a setting or something so this warning message isn’t shown again since I run the full anti-virus scan every two or three weeks anyway?

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If a full scan has not been completed after so many days (mine I think it was 30) this message appears. Simply allowing a scheduled scan to run will prevent this. Doing a Full Scan Now manually will also remove this warning and give you your green colored shield back.
This is basically a reminder to do a full scan on your system.
It in no way reflects the performance of any of the modules you are using with CIS.

Hi John,

Thanks for the fast and informative response.



I for one would still like to know if there is an answer to this, i.e. a flag or registry setting somewhere that can be flipped.

My PC has multiple drives and I scan each individually at different times, and these scans are apparently not adequate to turn-off this “You haven’t run a full scan yet!” message.

There must be a setting somewhere I can change?

No setting I have seen. If you miss the preset time between scans, the shield will turn warning yellow.

on one side its said: not so much a problem if something is left from a sandboxed file, because if theres a danger, this file will be flagged before its been executed.

on the other side, we have to make a scan of the whole drive in a very regular way, to avoid a sign that tells us, its IMPORTANT to scan and find everything that has found its way on the drive.

this doesnt fit. for example, i scan everything that i put on my hard drive. if its executed later, it will be scanned on the fly. WHY should i scan the whole drive often? what is the point? in a way, comodo takes an antivirus procedure as more important than antivirus companies do it themself :smiley:

then tell me, why am i more safe if i do a scan each week, while i have a guard?

I didn’t write the software. I have experienced this yellow shield myself. I would suggest adding to the wishlist.

Well, it doesn’t seem to work. At least, my weekly scan occurred yesterday at 500am, and I still have the yellow shield.

My scan, however, is a custom one for “C Drive Only”. Does one HAVE TO select “My Computer” in order for the software to make the Yellow go away?

There isn’t anything (that I can find) in the Help files, under either Scheduled Scans or the Scheduled Scanning tab of Scanner Settings which explains what the “requirement” is to keep Comodo from pestering or otherwise troubling me with this yellow flag!

I gave up on getting the yellow flag green with three drives with a total storage capacity of over a 1 TB. :wink:

instead of having a “date of last scan” shown (a real information),
we have a warning sign. the same warning sign, which would warn about a major problem just by changing its color.

NOW, we will be “warned” each time when we open the interface. and when we read, its just about a regular scan. after a couple of times repeatingly reading the same “NONE-real-problem”-WARNING, this sign loses its abillity to warn about real problems,
because yellow becomes normal.
“the kid who screams “FIRE, HELP” for joke to often… and one day it might be a real fire.”

if we would make a scan each week, 52 a year, each longer than three hours for regular “small” drives (dont want to know what a TB needs),
then at least allready one of this WEEKS would be the minimum amount of scanning time. additional the update write rewrite marathon several times a day. if a hard drive was a book, i would not lent it to comodo, because soon it would look overused. :smiley:

the message of comodo is not represented by the design. in other words: the antivirus acts like a windmill, placed in a future town. :wink:

The yellow sign shows up if a full system scan has not been completed. Custom scans don’t seem to be taken into account.

As this seems to be the last word on the subject, could we have a Moderator move this thread into the Wishlist area. “Need to control when the yellow flag appears” or some such.

While casual users (who really, really need such a good tool as CIS) are likely to leave settings alone, and scan their entire computers, for the rest of us I tend to agree with clockwork–a constant yellow flag means we ignore it after a while.

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Hi, laserfan.

You may simply set the value of

HKLM\SYSTEM\Software\COMODO\Firewall Pro\Configurations\LastFullScan

registry key to the same value as in

HKLM\SYSTEM\Software\COMODO\Firewall Pro\Configurations\Signature

(assuming that the av-definitions were recently been updated) and restart GUI. Yellow shield will turn into green. While I’ve never noticed any side-effect of this “solution”, it should unequivocally be seen as tweaking, so use it only on your own risk and only if you are experienced and familiar with Windows registry enough.

Thanks, I will try it! Apparently too using reg.exe I might be able to make a batch file to automate the change (from another batch file I already have that runs AV scans the way I need them to).

Appreciate the tip. :-TU

One of the forum moderators (Captainsticks) has come up with a simple, graceful, elegant solution that does not require registry wrangling.

I just had a thought that may work as a temporary work around, put your whole c drive or whatever drive in the exclusions list do your full scan which should then only take moments. Then please remember to remove it from the exclusions list afterwards.

It works and is the simplest way around this issue.

Kudos Cap’n!! (:CLP) (:CLP) (:CLP)

Didn’t work on the XP machine I tried!


It works on Windows 7.

Which version? It works on Win XP Pro SP3.

Which version of the CIS 5.8 beta Mod Preview? Version 1 or 2? ;D :wink:

I must admit I forgot to add that I was using version 1 of mod preview when I replied… dohoh… :o !ot!