"you have not enough priviledge"

Comodo’s HIPS feature is stopping me running software Shadow Defender with message “you have not enough priviledge”. It is also stopping me running the reinstallation of Comodo from the file I have on my memory stick. I know its Comodo as when I set to disable mode I do not experience the problem. What setting do I need to change in Comodo so access is granted when in safe mode?

I could not really get my head around all the features in comodo despite reading several online help guides. :o In the end it came down to either setting HIPS to permanently disable to avoid all the pop ups or in my case moving every single unrecognized file to trusted files. I made sure I did a scan for maleware before doing this. I’m guessing this is what most people end up doing as I can’t see them checking online everysingle file before allowing as trusted and even then they may still be infected.

You dont need to answer all questions for an application that you know is ok.

Just answer the first question with treat as trusted, and remember my answer (as long as its not an installer or temporary).
But NEVER the question “explorer exe wants”…! That one only answer per case!

That way you keep safe against all askable things, but only need to answer once per known safe application you want to use.

Check the block log when there is a problem you describe, and/or erase the rule you made for the program in question. Maybe you misclicked.

Thank you. The software is finally usable for me now. :smiley:

All this time I never really seen the grey option “Treat as”. It’s like it was invisible to me compared to the bright green “allow” option and red “block” option.

I still cannot figure out how to get rid of the “you have not enough priviledge” message. It’s not a misclick. I have checked in the option HIPS/protected objects/blocked files. The folder is empty. I deleted all the firewall rules and trusted rules to start afresh but I don’t know where else to look. The message “you have not enough priviledge” still appears unless HIPS is in disable mode. :-\

I also restored to default setting using all 3 .cfgx files then rebooted but that also has not fixed the “priviledge” message.

Look in the hips rule set for applications. If there is a block rule by accident for it.

I looked in the HIPS/Ruleset options

There are four boxes
I’m guessing I need to edit either the “Allowed Application” or Isolated Application or Limited Application. I haven’t a clue what to look for or what to do? I don’t want to mess things up even further. I selected the edit option on each but see nothing about installed prog options such as shadow defender.

The settings are currently as follows,

Allowed application
Access Rights all set to “allow” except “run an executable” which is set to ask. Options in the Protection settings tab are all set to inactive.

Isolated Applications
Access Rights all set to block
Protection setting tab all items set to inactive

Limited Applications
Various mix of ask, allow and block but not sure which items to set from block to allow assuming this is the cause of my problems.

I set all to ask or allow and then o.k and problem persists. Guess its time to reinstall Comodo 8