You have just been sent a personal message by Dean Kelly... [Resolved]

Who the hell is this guy,he just sent me 4 spam emails with links to web sites saying visit these web sites,is this normal practice from comodo firewall forums,for people to gain my email,because i have it not to show.

Iam not sure if hes a moderator or what anyone else get these messages from commdo firewall forum,if it is policy to send people spam messages from your admins plese stop,if its not you i apologise.

A spambot or individual created an account and sent private messages to everyone it could find. If you have your profile setup to notify you upon receiving a private message (the default), then you get the email saying you have a private message. He/she/it never had your email and never will.


This issue has been dealt with. The account has been deleted and blocked by IP. As rgreene501 stated this was actually a smambot written to click the send a PM button on every account and to post new topics to send these images. When you get a PM you are informed at the email address you entered on your profile, don not worry, no-one has your email.

A number of new security measures has been introduced to prevent this is in future, and sorry you encountered this. Hopefully, future forum visits will be more pleasant.


Good News
I was starting to worry about getting all these links to asian girls etc from Comodo

HAH! I thought I was special getting my “asian boy wonder” photo… :smiley: Hey Dean, leave photoshop alone…

Thanks for sorting out the problem with that spam bot or whatever it was,hopefully no one else will open there private messages and get a nasty shock again, think it might have scared me for life…seeing naked men when i visit a security forum or any other forum for that matter is not what i want to see, but i know there are some people who think its funny to post messages liek that.

btw may i suggest you block images in private messgaes if you havent allready done.


Yes, please block images/attachments in private messages :slight_smile:

can you also post this spambot ip, so it can be added to host lists.