You guys are really smart - I need some XP (boot troubles) help here...

Hello, and thank you in advance for your time :smiley: ,

PC: HP a1100y
OS: XP Professional
CPU: (was) Celeron D 2.8GHz (is now) Pentium 4 650 3.4GHz

So a guy trades me this a1100y for a favor last year - I like it as it’s easy to upgrade. I ditch the one 80g IDE Hdd for two SATA Hdds (350/500g), swap the 512mb for 2gb ddr, install two new optical drives, & so on.

The other day I swapped out the Celeron that was in it for a Pentium 4 (a bit faster + HT right?) Well…

Xp boots up normally, then tells me my “New hardware is installed, but might not work properly until I restart” so I do - but then can’t boot at all. Not Safe, no “Last Good Config”, just an immediate restart when I select the OS.

Here’s the weird part: I use an app called TuneUp utilities and there’s an option at startup for “XP Professional (TuneUp Backup)” (it’s right there with regular ol’ XP Professional) which just so happens to boot up like nothing ever happened. I know, right? ???

If I do a System Restore to the morning I installed the P4 it boots just fine, tells me I have new hardware and need to restart, then I’m right back to square one. So…I’m thinking it’s a driver/boot/mbr thing? I dunno…

Just seems that I oughta be able to remedy this without a repair install since I can boot into the TuneUp backup and/or normally after System Restore, ya know?

Thanks a lot for taking the time,
Any help is appreciated (R)

I had this problem when I changed my graphics card from 8800 GT to 9800 GTX :THNK I solved this problem simply by reinstalling my comp and installing all drivers anew (:LGH)

Simply? Why don’t I simply buy a new PC? (:TNG)

Just kidding…my XP is OEM - so I’m trying fixboot/fixmbr in the RC first…before I give M$ any more of my money (I have 3 laptops and 3 pcs all XP pro).

Thanks for backing me up ! ;D That was my thought too, when Windoze didn’t recognize my GFX card >:(

I know you guys are surely right, I’m likely in denial here 88). My hope was that since I can boot and run normally through TuneUp (although certainly not a long term option) that I might be able to repair Windows without (yet) another install.

Let me ask this: Would you execute a repair installation on the existing OS or a completely fresh installation (this actually might not even be an option for me)?.

Have you tried using the Windows XP cd and using the ‘repair’ function ?


Thank you for your advice guys,

I’m gonna try some RC fixes and likely e_xistense’s steps as well (if I can get my GF to relinquish control of the thing for a minute) and post back results…


I did in fact try fixboot/fixmbr but did not remedy the issue.

Repairing the existing OS with a Repair Install apparently is not an option :-TD.

I booted from the disk, selected the OS to repair (reinstall), copied all the files, saved settings, etc. - then went on a rebooting spree (for the record: the exact same XP Pro build).

Obviously the TuneUp Backup is gone (was attached to that OS) and Windows will not boot effectively to even continue the setup process. I tried it thrice, then just restored my backup image (Acronis).

I’m thinking that e_xistense might be on to something, but am admittedly trepidatious when it comes to playing with the Device Mngr.

I’m currently doing some homework on the subject before I attempt any further stupidity steps.

Thanks a lot guys :-TU

(I suppose that forgetting the apps but backing up data, files and email with ATI, then a fresh install is an option, though not a particularly appealing one)

I had to perform a clean install when I upgrade my FX5200 video card to GeForce 6600, so here’s the motto : “when you upgrade hardware, backup all your stuff and perform a clean installation”

MiguelAngelXP (:KWL)