You guys are blowing it big time. You are doing what Oracle just got spanked for

Guys, I have to stop installing and recommending your products as I am a man of integrity. Since I am truly serious about my honor, I have to now tell all my friends and clients to remove products and explain to them I have messed up in recommending them. This makes me look bad and you just lost about 50-100 customers who were liking your product, and I have to do a mea culpa.

You know what is worse? You updated chromodo this morning now privdog is back, the home page is yahoo (I have a custom google search (gets 100 results) that is implemented for good reason, so you have undone all my work and put spam on homepages. You guys have really blown it this time… I thought the recent privdog news would have been enough of a burn to make you guys think about how you collect data and advertise yourselves everywhere in your products

(btw I am fine with you collecting usage data and analytics for use of products for free, but when you go and fuck with peoples settings and fuck up their systems then its NOT ACCEPTABLE.


Thanks for a good 2 years… moving on (meaning the things I mentioned at the very top) if you guys dont apologize to everyone via Slashdot etc and undo the recent scummy ■■■■ youve done with privdog being installed and reinstalled and the ■■■■■■■■ of changing home pages, search settings etc with updates… I am notifying and letting him know this too…

Hi Djfug,

Could you give me more detail regarding to the issue you explained so that we can help you on this topic?

Best regards,

Alp Eren,
Comodo Browsers Product Manager

He is already gone :-TD
Comodo lost me and my brother like this way (on browsers area)
Chromodo is a ridiculous name, who gave this?
What happen to CID, it is v26 (it is older than my grandma…)
What happen to good named CD v36… your browsers are out-dated and more buggy than stable (they looks like a beta software)
They are bundled with Yahoo search engine and useless Comodo extensions on them…
When the new users saw Yahoo, they step back from your browsers and they will go to their loved one Chrome…
Sorry guys but you need to say sorry to your users :-X