You Don’t Need to Run Manual Antivirus Scans - True or not ?

A very interested article & discusion here

Whats you opinion ???

I agree with this article. With CIS 99% of the time I know I’m clean (So why scan your PC?) but it might be different for other products. When I used full scanning (I knew that I was clean before) I was right in 99% cases (So why scan your PC?). So these days I go for a quick scan such as Hitman Pro, Malwarebytes and Comodo if I get suspicious about something.

I agree with Seany, I haven’t seen the point in manual scans for a long time, though I do like to do the rating scan now and then to see what unknown files I’ve got on my computer, or at least the places where it checks. (Is there a possibility to run a full system rating scan?)

From what I know it’s a no. I wish we had that option but I don’t know how feasible this is.

I agree with the article completely. I very rarely run a manual scan and always turn any scheduled scans off. I trust my main security app to prevent infections and the only extra thing I do is to run a Malwarebytes free version quick scan every 6 weeks or so.

If your security suite is proactive, on-demand scans aren’t necessary in my opinion.

I run a manual scan with my main AV and a second opinion scanner every couple of months, (If I happen to think about it… :stuck_out_tongue: ) and I’ve yet to have a manual scan pick anything up that was missed by my real-time protection.


(:TNG) explain me that

some days ago have download Realplayer and during the download Comodo get angry >:-D

popup with a choise - comodo find a malicius bla bla bla … would you like to fix this on you own or contact GeekBuddy.

Have chosen to clean and from real player on the end its only real player downloader downloaded . - give the possibility to download movie etc. from you tube and others- on my pc .

Next step - have downloaded real player again , but now switched CIS6 off.
After the download , have switched CIS6 on & scaned real player
the results - CIS6 find real player clean >:-D

Have unistaled real player anyway , because need only the downloader , but Im still wondreing about .

Im runing CIS6 proactive .

For the download have used Comodo Dragon .
Im runing Comodo DNS

I know that the new real player included now some toolbars & other rubish , but its strange that all is find as OK after download by scaning :o

Next >:-D

Have switched UAI off ( user interface )
Comodo find it as a security treat after scaning . Comodo didnt react during switching off.

My opinion :a0

there are some reason for ,that scan option is available & there are some technical processes witch Comodo and other or any others security suite didnt follow.

Sorry Costerin, I have no idea why that happened.

Did CIS find the installer malicious and then when you turned off CIS and downloaded the installer again and then turned on CIS and scanned the installer or did you scan the folder after installation?

If you scanned the installer once and CIS found it to be malicious and you scanned it again (how long later btw? Could it have been fixed in the time between?) and it didn’t find it malicious, then that sounds quite odd to me =S

If you scanned the installer first and CIS found it malicious and then you downloaded the installer again (with CIS off) and then ran the installer and installed the program (and now turn on CIS again) and now if you scanned the folder to which the program was installed, then it could have been that the installer was found malicious however the contents are unknown/safe.

Off topic but slightly related somewhat to strange happenings:

I had a strange thing happen to myself a two days ago, I downloaded Asus Thermal Radar (program to control PWM fans for their motherboards, I have the Asus Sabertooth z77) on their website you download a .zip and then extract the contents and then run the installer.
CIS scanned the .zip file (since I had told it in the settings to scan archives of this sort) and gave me alerts about it being malicious, I ignored it and reported it as false positive then extracted the files (these were not recognized to do any harm and in fact they didn’t trigger BB so they must be trusted) I then installed the program and then uninstalled it.
Now yesterday I downloaded the .zip again and it was not recognized as malicious… Did they really fix the false-positive that fast? I reported it through the program and not the forum…

There is little point in running scans using the resident AV because all running programs will already have been checked and any “dormant” malware will be found when it attempts to run.

I believe it is worth using other products for on-demand scans to get second opinions because their scanning algorithms and signatures are different so they are more likely to find malware missed by the resident AV.

I frequently run quick scans using TDSSKiller, Hitman Pro, Malwarebytes, and SuperAntiSpyware.

While the article doesn’t propose to completely remove the on-demand scan function of antiviruses, I still would have to disagree on it on a general whole because:

  1. There’s more than one way to transfer a file from a source.
  2. There’s more than one way to run a malicious code.
  3. Aggressive pro-active security trades security for performance and usability. Meeting it half-way is a better choice.