You cant unblock a website on your own??? Your kidding right?

Wait Wait Wait… Are you telling us that if we install Comodo we cant decide to let a website through or not? IF this is true I’ve never seen this before. I’m finding sites blocked just because they have pop-ups. Are you kidding me? The User has the control Not the software.

So if this is true I guess it’s time to look for some new free internet security software. Any ideas?

Comodo looked amazing but if they are a locked down so tight that they are not blocking malware or viruses but pop-ups and dont give you the option then they have lost it as a company and have lost their minds.
I Really hope I’m wrong. When a software company decides for you and doesn’t let you decide instantly to let a site through or not even if it has a virus but warns you then it’s Your decision to get it.
Wow, I’m stunned! Next they will just disconnect you from the internet and say "Look how good we are, no viruses, no internet either but at least you dont have a virus, lol.
Oh but you can get it unblocked if you report it and then a month later it might be unblocked, ROFLOL. That is the most insane thing I’ve heard in a long time. Again, I pray I’m wrong as I love this software…or I did.

the new secure dns for some reason does not have the option to proceed to a “malware” site like the old secure dns.

it sounds like you are using cis, that doesnt block sites it just blocks the virus once it tries to execute, so if you dont like how the dns works just simply disable it and use cis without it. just follow the instructions Jacob gives here to disable secure dns

LOL, now the site is unblocked all of a sudden. Ok, now I’m thinking the DNS is buggy like some of the other posts seem to be pointing out. And it seems it’s a good idea to not use comodos dns.
Yes, I’m using Internet Security on Windows 7/64.
Too bad their dns is buggy. Seems like a great program.
Comodo “said” it blocked the site because of too many pop-ups. To me they need to warn you and offer you the option of opening the site or not. It’s a little dictatorish.
Thanks for the link. I will try that.

I haven’t tested it my self but registering on this page should give you control over what get’s blocked and what not.