"You can't report your own post to the moderator, that doesn't make sense!"

Comma splices don’t make sense either. :wink:

Maybe someone posted in the wrong forum and they want to report their post to the moderators so it can be moved or maybe removed.

But can’t you delete and/or move your own post if you’ve realized it’s in the wrong section? It doesn’t make any sense to tell someone else to do it for you when its in your power to do it.

In some cases you can’t delete your own posts, and all new Topics as far as I remember you can’t.
I can’t think of any situation where you could move your own Post/Topics?

If the report function doesn’t work when required, an alternative would be to PM a Mod who is online with your query.

Move it in the sense of just copying your post to another. Highlight, copy, repost.

oohh… i’ll be trying that. :-? cause i remember deleting my old posts before. but i’m not sure

You can’t delete a thread you’ve started if someone else has replied.

You’re right. my bad. :stuck_out_tongue: