You can not delete history files uploaded unrecognized.

There is no option to remove uploaded files unresolved. How do I delete an entry it does not like. Should be the option in the event log and in the module "Defense + "

My version Comodo Antivirus Free:
My system:
Windows 7 x86

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May I ask why you want to remove uploaded file? And now to answer your question… there is no such list. Comodo will controll if the submitted is already submitted. Once you submit something then it’s submitted.

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Valentin N

No option to delete history files sent for analysis.

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Please make a wish here to make a button that ‘clears all’


To empty the list, delete the ‘submit’ files from the Comodo ‘database’ directory (i.e. from “%programfiles%\Comodo\Comodo Internet Security\database”).

Thanks, but the history of manual removal of files from the directory that is not user-friendly solution.

May I ask why you want to remove uploaded files? I would like to understand what sense it would make. Thanks

Valentin N

I want to erase the history of uploaded files. Files must be because of their use.

There should a “clear list” option - it is all part of keeping the system “tidy”!