You call this an update??

I just did the automatic update of Comodo.

I should have figured that there were going to be problems when after rebooting it wanted to immediately reboot a second time.

Of course, Comodo seems to have forgotten my previous application preferences. Most egregious, however, is that Winzip is now totally useless. If I open a zip file, here’s what happens:

First I get a warning that it is trying to access the screen directly. So you’d think I could say to treat it as a trusted application ONCE and that would be it, no? No. If I do that, it will REPEATEDLY come up with the same message. I can only get rid of it by saying to treat it as an installer. But of course, that doesn’t remember, so the next time I open a zip file the same thing happens.

It also doesn’t matter one whit if I add Winzip32 to “My Own Safe Files”.

Now previously, this behavior of comodo not always remembering an application was annoying, but bearable.

I have for now disabled the Defense + feature.

(By the way, when I click on the applications waiting for review, it actually lists stuff in the C:\System Volume Information folder, a folder that is normally completely inaccessible to the user. It also goes through Recycler, which seems to be unnecessary. )

If you dont want pending files then use D+ in train with safe mode. You should have xported your settings from before then did a complete uninstall and reinstall the new version. Then import your settings. The 2 reboots you did was normal. happened to me also. Days later I did a complete uninstall and reinstall. (CWY)

Vettetech, I have to disagree… The update to 295 was an ‘automatic’ update, fired off via an update message icon. No warnings/dialogs are given to save settings or do a uninstall/reinstall first. Just a message asking if you want this update now or later. If these steps are required, then it ought to be able do them in the background automatically, without intervention. (Can anyone explain the 2-boot requirement? Doesn’t make sense to me…)

Online Armor makes you also boot twice.

I was asking for some technical explanation on the 2-boot process, not another software example…


The second reboot was required due to the installation changing configuration settings after the first reboot. If the second reboot was not done, the new configuration could not take effect and could lead to problems with firewall functionality.


Thanks. Sorry, but maybe I am missing the point, (1 star!). The process that happens when I click on the update is perhaps only the download of the new version? First boot reinstalls, second makes the changes. Am I understanding correctly?

The stars doesn’t mean anything (:WIN) 1 star dude can be a better expert than the one with 5 :SMLR

And U understand correctly (:CLP) thou 2 reboots kinda remind me of Norton (:TNG)

Basically, when you click to update, the update is downloaded and installed. You are then asked to reboot. Upon reboot, the installation is still continuing and changes some configurations settigns with defence+, etc. that requires the second reboot to become functional.

With future updates the second reboot is unlikely, unless there is any configuration changes that may require it, as was the case with this update.


PS. don’t worry about the stars, doesn’t make you any less knowledgeable. :slight_smile:

I too am having a problem with the pop-up “Firefox is trying to access the screen directly.” Every time I start Firefox I get the pop up. It’s not really a problem as much as it is annoying. I click “allow” & “remember” each time but it continually comes back. Do I need a rule somewhere or am I doing something wrong?

I’m on XP SP2 w/ the most recent update to CFP. Firewall & Defense+ are set to “train w/safe mode”