you already make too many lame products that are not the best they can be

hi, you are a small company and instead of spreading yourself so thin and trying to be like symantec.
focus on a core products like firewall/anti-virus/etc.

why bother making a backup program when there are so many free products that are better.
easyvpn is weak compared to hamachi-free
remote acess is weak compared to teamview-free
securedns is weak as compared to many products.
System tuning and cleaning utilities - why bother when you can never compete with the free ccleaner???

good luck

Did you try Login Pro?

each product is a new born when they are launched…then they get better…

from backup to loginpro…each one gets better with each release…the key is the speed in which they improve…

Hi asdffdsa,
Every product has to start somewhere.
If all companies had that idea, that would give certain companies the monopoly of their products.
Watch the development decrease in speed and quality if we were to allow that.

All products have their own right and one example is CCleaner vs Comodo system utilities.
Both are mighty fine products, CCleaner is a mild cleaner very suitable for everyday use by most people.
Comodo system utilities also has good cleaning capabilities but is more configurable in the way it can be used as a mild cleaner right up to an in-depth/aggressive cleaner, the latter being sometimes seen as an option for the more experienced users.

All competitive products help keep the development wheels rolling. :slight_smile:

gee ■■■■, are you a salesman? you sure sound like one, do you work for comodo?
i simply posted a suggestion, not need to get defensive and put my suggestion?

really suprised to see you waste your time commmenting on my comment but if you want, login pro is just another semi-solution.

i have teamviewer which supports windows, linux, android, vpn, remote printing, portable verson for usb stick, remote updaing so that if i am remoted into a computer and that computer is running an old version of teamviewer, i simply click a button and it is updated, no need to reboot. a manual that usable. i could write so much more about it.

so have you tried teamviewer?
why would i want to try loginpro?

Excuse me asdffdsa, I just posted information I thought could be helpful.

“Was I being defensive?” Not unless defending all products is defensive.
I just posted what I believe to be realistic thinking.

I am not disputing your suggestion of which product is better or worse.
I am disputing the fact that products you believe to have lesser value should cease development.
All competition be it good or bad is good for all round better products to be developed and not just software.

“Am I a salesman?” I probably could not get any further from being one TBH.
“Do I work for Comodo?” No, I am an end user like yourself.

“Have I tried Teamviewer?” Never had a need.
“Why would you want to try Loginpro?” That is your choice and not up to me or anyone else to say why you should or shouldn’t.

On the other hand you do sound rather defensive about Teamviewer, are you employed or affiliated in some way?

Sorry I surprised you but I didn’t waste my time, I got my message across clearly that all products need some competition to help keep the development on the straight and narrow.

Have a great day, from Captainsticks. :slight_smile:

First of all, if your post was not worthy of a response, then why post it in the first place?

You are not appreciating the power of RDP and HTML5. Do you know what RDP protocol is capable of?

In remote login mode of course loginpro can do file sharing, printer sharing and so on…


32-bit color support. 8-, 15-, 16-, and 24-bit color are also supported.
128-bit encryption, using the RC4 encryption algorithm, as of Version 6.[18]
Audio Redirection allows users to run an audio program on the remote desktop and have the sound redirected to their local computer.
File System Redirection allows users to use their local files on a remote desktop within the terminal session.
Printer Redirection allows users to use their local printer within the terminal session as they would with a locally or network shared printer.
Port Redirection allows applications running within the terminal session to access local serial and parallel ports directly.
The clipboard can be shared between the remote computer and the local computer.
Seamless Windows: Remote applications can run on a client machine that is served by a Remote Desktop connection. It is available since RDP 6.[19]
RemoteFX: RemoteFX provides virtualized GPU support and host side encoding and is being shipped as part of Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1.
The following features were introduced with the release of RDP 6.0 in 2006:
Remote Programs: Application publishing with client-side file type associations.
Terminal Services Gateway: Enables the ability to use a front-end IIS server to accept connections (over port 443) for back-end Terminal Services servers via an https connection, similar to how RPC over https allows Outlook clients to connect to a back-end Exchange 2003 server. Requires Windows Server 2008
Network Level Authentication
Support for remoting the Aero Glass Theme (or Composed Desktop), including ClearType font smoothing technology.
Support for remoting of Windows Presentation Foundation applications: Compatible clients that have .NET Framework 3.0 support will be able to display full Windows Presentation Foundation effects on a local machine.
Rewrite of device redirection to be more general-purpose, allowing a greater variety of devices to be accessed.
Fully configurable and scriptable via Windows Management Instrumentation.
Improved bandwidth tuning for RDP clients.[citation needed]
Support for Transport Layer Security (TLS) 1.0 on both server and client ends (can be negotiated if both parties agree, but is not mandatory in a default configuration of any version of Windows).
Multiple monitor support for allowing one session to use multiple monitors on the client (disables desktop composition)

Also: Do you understand the value of HTML5 based remote access product? Do you realise from “Any” browser you can take over the pc…no USB needed…no Linux,ios,mac etc versions needed…its as simple as go to your browser and click…authenticate and take over…

Also: did you check the speed of loginpro vs others? go to remote login mode and put 2 remote sessions to the same computer against competitors(you install both loginpro and competitor in same remote computer, then use a computer to open remote session for both login pro and a competitor product) and run video side by side…lets see whose video will be watchable…this will tell you speed and quality of the product…(not scientific test but a practical one)…

You are simply not appreciating the power of the technology we have created. Can the product be improved…of course it can…but the technology it is based on RDP and HTML5 is simply unbeatable for speed/quality/ease of use.

As always, in Comodo we first build the technology… has to be the best technology…then we build a product around it…now we have built the technology…product will evolve around it…

Ok, first of all, I remember when Teamviewer only had a windows OS support. With time, the other OS were supported.

Second of all, why having to support many buildings for each and every OS when LoginPro ONLY needs a browser (no specific OS)?

Let the product keep maturing and evolving.

Hi I tried visiting Login pro through COMODO dragon and stumbled on a false alert

The website opens normally here in Opera and Dragon. May be a temporary glitch when the revocation lookup could not be made?

Hmm now that I restarted the browser it seems the issue is fixed weird… thanks for the replay anyhow

I think the op is trying to say comodo needs to refocus. I believe melih said somewhere on this forum and I could be wrong, that comodo has enough staff to develop all these products but it seems like comodo has abandoned development for a lot of the current products that it offers like ctm, com and others. I believe what he’s saying is decide the products you want to develop, decide if you got enough staff. if not work towards getting the needed staff. make sure they produce quality and then commit to developing that product.