Yet another printer issue; this one on Vista

I hate to add another topic on printing, but I’ve found nothing that helps. I’ve spent two hours reading and trying what is currently available, but nothing matches my issue, and nothing is fixing it.

I have a Vista PC and an XP Pro PC. My Dell printer is connected to the XP. Prior to CFP 3, I could get to the shared folder on the XP machine and print to the printer. After installing CFP on both the Vista and XP machines and setting up the network Zones, I can get to the shared folder on the XP machine and I was able to successfully install the printer driver on my Vista machine (over the network).

Now, the problem. From my Vista box, I bring up the printer queue window so I can see the queue on the XP box. I tell a document to print. I see the print job spool into the queue and then nothing. The job sits there with a blank “status” column. When I look at the printer queue on the XP box, it is empty; no print job. The queued print job sits there on my Vista box until I cancel it.

I can print to the Dell printer on the XP box from three other computers on the network, two of which are running CFP 3. This is specific to my Vista box. I’m at my wit’s end on this.

Can someone help?

I have a Zone for my entire IP range ( - mask called Home Network.
I have a global rules for
Allow TCP or UDP In From In [Home Network] To IP Any Where Source Port Is Any And Destination Port Is Any
Allow TCP or UDP Out From In [Home Network] To In [Home Network] Where Source Port Is Any And Destination Port Is Any

I have an Application Rule for spoolsv.exe
Allow IP Out From IP Any to IP Any Where Protocol Is Any

And System
Allow System To Send Requests If The Target Is In The Home Network
Allow System To Receive Requests If The Sender Is In The Home Network

Thanks in advance!

Firstly, your home network is using the IP 100.100.100.X ??? This is a publicly accesible, routable address range. Private networks should use 10.X.X.X, 192.168.X.X and 172.16.32.X addresses only.

Secondly, are there any relevant entries in your firewall logs relating to the blockage?

Thirdly, Vista - XP networking simunltaneously sucks and blows. It can exihibit some really wierd behaviour and is not always consistent.

Ewen :slight_smile:

Hey siglersmalz,

Frist of all, please read panic’s answer regarding IP addresses range you shall use.
Can you check the used connection type on the Vista computer for the computer? Is that TCP/IP or something else? If TCP/IP, can you check the IP address, please (don’t have to write it down here)? Can you ping that IP address or connect to it whit another method (http, ftp or telnet /up to printer feature/)? Is there a rule which denies the connection?

I installed a network printer - well, not a shared - here on Vista Ultimate and i got no problems at all.

Thanks to both Panic and Ark for the IP address range error I had made. I changed my internal IP network to, so that should prevent any confusion there.

I’ve had this network online for almost two years without any issues (using but I don’t mind changing it to make sure things are correct.

As far as connectivity and network behavior, I’ve had a solid network (as I said) for almost two years. I have used Zone Alarm for firewall and Antivirus quite successfully until I had to purchase one new PC (Vista). I soon learned that Zone Alarm crashes my Vista computer every 24 hours and caused other weird behavior, most of it network related. I uninstalled Zone Alarm and found my way to Comodo.

During all of this time, printing to the XP computer was never an issue. Once I got Comodo configured, I have been able to connect to the various computers on my network (all XP except for the one Vista machine). So, at this present time, I can connect to shared folders both to and from my Vista PC, particularly, I can connect to shared folders on the XP machine with the printer. Every other PC on my network (all XP) can print to this printer, except for the Vista machine. The behavior remains as I originally described.

I’m mystified. When I uninstall Comodo, I can print without issue.

I checked my Firewall Events logs and see no activity I can directly trace to the printer issue.


I really like Comodo and would like to get this figured out rather than finding a different solution or (ghast) using the Windows Firewall.

I will greatly appreciate any other ideas someone might have.