Yet Another Post Regarding Xbox Live and Comodo

Version of Comodo Firewall Pro Installed:
Internet connection type: DSL via Trendnet TEW-432BRP Wireless Router (not using wireless for xbox live, using Netgear wallplugs)
Operating system and Service Pack Level: Win XP Pro SP 2
Log in as: Admin
Antivirus: Avir Antivir Personal Edition

Custom Rules: as per

  1. Open COMODO V3, goto FIREWALL>My Port Sets>ADD>A New Port Set…
  2. In “Type name of Port Set” type “XBOX” and click apply
  3. Scroll down till you can see the newly created “XBOX” port set, click on it then click ADD>A New Port…
  4. Select “A single port” and enter port 2869. Click apply
  5. Repeat steps 3 & 4 for ports 1900 and 10243.
  6. Repeat steps 3 & 4 except for step 4 select “A port range” and enter port 10280 in the first box and port 10284 in the second
  7. Click apply on the “My Port Sets” window.
    Cool Now return to the “FIREWALL” tab and under “Firewall Tasks” (on the left of the window) click advanced.
  8. Click “Network Security Policy” and goto the “Global Rules” tab and click “Add”
  9. Make sure the following settings are selected: “Actions” set as “Allow”, “Protocol” set as “TCP or UDP” and “Direction” set as “In/Out”
  10. Enter XBOX as description
  11. Select the “Source Address” tab
  12. Select IP Range.
  13. Now here you need to enter a range specific for your network, enter your IP range from “0” to “255”. (e.g. your IP should be something like so if it was you would enter Start IP as and enter End IP as, adjust this according to your IP. For TigerJon I think you will enter to from what I saw in your previous posts but I’m not rally not sure, if you find it doesn’t work check this step)
  14. Select the “Destination Address” tab
  15. Repeat steps 13 and 14 under this tab.
  16. Click “Source Port” tab
  17. Select “A Set of Ports” and select “XBOX” from the drop down list that appears.
  18. Click “Destination Port” tab
  19. Repeat step 18 under this tab.
  20. Click apply.

Well I did all that and when I do the Xbox Live test it stops at the IP Address. My PC connects fine to the internet as does my wife’s MAC (wirelessly). I chose to use wallplugs for the Xbox 360 as they were much cheaper than the Xbox 360 official wireless adapter and I wanted a more stable connection.

Everything is physically hooked up properly.

I’m using a MAC filter on the router that includes my pc, the Mac, both wallplugs and the xbox).

I know it’s a weird system, but it should be able to work. I just want to make sure Comodo isn’t the problem.

I’ve read every post on the subject in the forums and tried every combination of rules previously suggested (including the outdated v2 tutorial). I finally stopped with the current rules as they seemed to be the most thorough and I’m just plain tired.

Any help would be greatly appreciated not only by myself but I’m sure by others who are having similar problems.