Yet another mysterious CIS freeze

From the beginning.
Yesterday evening I tried to run a new game on Steam.
As always, during the installation CIS showed on the widget that it got sandboxed because it was unknown, and as always I waited for the window that usually poped up asking me if I want to allow it.
Minutes passed and the “Please wait installing” window from Steam was still present on the system but CIS didn’t ask me what it may do with it.
After few more minutes I got impatient and clicked the big green [Secure] button on the widget hoping to get the CIS main window and add it the game as safe manually.
Nothing happend. Minutes passed, clicked a few more options, nothing. CIS was frozen.
Suprisingly my system was not, I could close all my programs running and restart the system.
After the restart I immidiately clicked CIS widget to again bring the main window on, and to my surprise it opened, but from that no options could be chosen. The diagnostics didn’t open, the Quarantine option, Updates, Scanning. I got no response from any of them.
Restarted again, same thing, this time I couldn’t even get the main CIS window to open, although I could slide down/up the widget so that didn’t freeze.
Restarted, nothing.
I tried to give it a few more hours, my system wasn’t frozen so I could run the browser and everything that was already secured in CIS, but trying to run an unknown installation/program again froze on the first screen without CIS giving me an option to allow.

Same thing today, I can run everything fine but can’t check on CIS.
I tried to run KillSwitch from inside the CIS folder, no dice.

Until my system doesn’t freeze completely forcing me to do a reinstall I’m on hold, waiting for a suggestion on what to do.


If you can remove Comodo with the new removal tool, or use the Pro version (free trial) of revo uninstaller.

And how would that help the issue?
I can remove it with the Windows installer with no problem, but what if this happens again? Remove every 3 days?

It depends, a beta product can have serious issues, that’s why, unless your an advanced user and know how to deal with possible fatal errors then you should wait for the final release.

That’s why I posted this thread, I want to help get rid of this issue.

Okay, cool. I would return to Comodo 6. I’ve been using version 7 for 2-3 weeks and had a few errors, but I know how to deal with things if they go wrong. Email one of the mods and they will guide you through how to fill out a bug report. this section is for bugs/errors

Well, would you mind sharing this knowledge with me?

It depends on your system, software etc., as these could be causing problems. Have you had previous antivirus software installed, or just been using Comodo?

See with Kaspersky they had a GSI software which generates a report, then is uploaded to their server so you can see if it’s due to Kaspersky (or in your case Comodo) or other errors. I wish Comodo would do something like that.

My preiovus antivirus was Comodo 6, so no, I don’t have anything except C7 now.

Have you filled out a bug report? I would suggest you removed Comodo 7 and go back to Comodo 6. If I do not reply it’s because I’m currently on-call the forum gives me a break from ward rounds :wink:

You could remove Comodo 7 using revo unistaller (pro trial version), reboot, then run the Comodo removal tool, reboot and do a fresh install and see if that helps?

And how am I suppose to do that when I can’t access Diagnostics and attach a report, nor the configuration file?

Is that the aformentioned “I know how to deal with things if they go wrong” solution? :wink:

Of course that will help.
Check my previous posts on these forums.
I had multiple freeze problems with this release that went away after a while and always returned after a clean install.
How does that help the devs solve the problem?
What if this same thing happens in the final release of CIS7?
Should I reinstall it over and over again after every freeze, or again go back to CIS6 then?

Then it sounds like you have a major error, with either Comodo or your system. If you are unable to access the repair tool or diagnostic logs then the only thing you can do is remove Comodo

My system runs perfectly since months. I had recently ran multiple program checks for viruses/trojans/rootkits/etc.
I’m pretty sure this is a problem with COMODO and I want to make sure it doesn’t happen again, not run away from the problem like a baby.

Then you have to submit a bug report otherwise the dev’s will not know about the errors/problems you are having.

I would love to, tell me how do I get to the logs that could hold information concerning the problem.

This section covers how to collect logs to submit etc.,

But my OS is not frozen, only Comodo’s options are, will it help in that case? I guess I’d had to force it?