Yet Another False Positive aol\..\acslaeu.exe and several other mods

CIS Antivirus reports that aol…\acslaeu.exe is a virus

The message that I get is: Unclassified Malware

I’m using 3.9.95487.509 with db 1192.

The same is true for several AOL old backup modules that have been on my disk for some time and have previously not been flagged by CIS as a problem.

Both VirScan and VirusTotal report only Comodo out of 38 or 40 scanners has called these modules Unclassified Malware.

I have submitted the files to Comodo via email, so I’m not going to keep reporting each file here.

Hi wrapper,

can u pls upload the samples to the forum? so that we can have a look at it and will get back to you after investigation.


Hi again,

Please certify that you want me to attach a copy of the file to this message, since the instructions from “Experience” say do not submit such files.

Ray P

I have the same problem with FPs from AOL, mainly when it was installing, i would get multiple virus alerts while AOL was installing. I submitted through comodo all of the AOL folders [AOL, AOL 9.5, AOL 9.5a, AOL 9.5b] that I had. So i’m not sure if you will need to submit yours wrapper. They might still want you to so don’t take my word for it.

Hi wrapper,

We have fixed the mentioned FP.
Can you please verify the detection with DB 1223.

-Chandra Mohan

Hi Chandra,

By the time that I got to test this, it is already db1224, but yes, it is fixed along with the other “AOL” false positives I and others have reported.

Thank you!