Yet another facebook issue thread

So I recently installed CIS Premium ver. 5.10.228257.2253 and used this guide to configure the AV, FW, and Defense+ settings. Since then I’ve been having issues with images loading on Facebook. I’m also running PeerBlock (ver. 1.1) with it set to allow ports 443 & 80. The browser I’m running is Google Chrome (ver. 20.0.1132.57) with HTTPS Enforcer. So far I’ve tried looking over all my settings across my programs and cannot find out where the conflict that isn’t allowing images to load on Facebook is. Anyone have any ideas what could be causing the conflict, or any settings to double-check that I may have missed?

My best guess would be that it is peerblock. Try closing the browser, disabling peerblock, and then opening the browser and navigating to the page. See if the problem persists.

Let me know what happens.


That’s a negative, Chiron. Disabling PeerBlock didn’t correct the conflict.

Does the browser show a red X or something where an image should be?
Please try to ‘copy image location’ or however that is named in Chrome and copy the image URL in a new tab to see where it want’s to go en maybe it might disclose why it’s blocked…

Do you know if you have enabled Comodo Secure DNS? it might be the images are hosted on a server that Secure DNS blocks.

Error 105 (net::ERR_NAME_NOT_RESOLVED): Unable to resolve the server’s DNS address.

Not sure where to go to enable/disable secure DNS in CIS Premium. Maybe I’m missing it…

Please verify it in a command-box (start, run, cmd) and type ipconfig /all
You should be able to find the DNS servers there.

Here are more details on the IP’s used and how to activate/remove it

Switched it back to automatically acquire DNS settings and now things are working again. :slight_smile:

Can you PM me the link it was blocking? it’s strange that it can’t resolve names, it should redirect if it was marked ‘bad’.